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Jewelry: The most prized possession of a woman

Jewelry makes women look more beautiful. Jewelry is very intimate. It touches a person with constancy, patience and endurance. It has the power to melt a tough heart. In fact jewelry is the most prized possession of women. When they wear it, they never like to take it off!

There are women who wear lot of jewelry but there are also women ...

Sperm donation: Queries coming in thick and fast in Hyderabad

Shoojit Sircar's morality tale wrapped up as a fun bon bon, "Vicky Donor", might have floated 10 different ways to define the word sperm.

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Prepare Vehicle for Auto Shipping

Vehicles ready for shipment should come up with proper preparation and inspection. Large number of vehicles is transported daily by the shipping company to different cities, state and overseas.

Tips for budding entrepreneurs

Although you have a finance manager yet, you need to keep a track on the company’s earnings and expenditures.

Eczema and Food Allergy; are They Really related to Each Other

Eczema is a type of skin ailment that usually comes with itching, skin thickening and scaling. Most often, eczema appears on the knees, arms, elbows and even on the face. When this type of skin ailment affects children, especially those who have a clear skin, parents are not able to distinguish its cause at once. Usually, parents perceived that foo...

Tips on how to Invest in Real Estate

Real estate investing is becoming more popular these days. This is because a lot of people now have realized its potential.