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For every computer user, data security does matter a lot. Whatever size of hard disk you use, or for any type of computer, data security is highly important and is essential when massive data collection of an organization is involved. There are number of devices using which one can secure the data. However, as the data loss can occur in any possible condition, the extra storage devices are also on high risk.

As in general, most common causes for data loss are hacking attacks, virus attacks, and other internet threats. Whereas natural causes like disasters, power surges, and even human errors sometimes make the computer data recovery from any device almost impossible. Therefore its always good to back up the data frequently in other storage devices, but those must be preserved securely. So, even if data loss occur you at least will be on safer side.

In day-to-day life, data loss generally occurs due to improper shut down, massive deletion of files, formatting a storage device, operating system crash, etc. In such case, regular back up activity saves the time as well as loss of business in case of an enterprise.

Following are some interesting yet worrying facts in data loss, reading which you will definitely think to have a good, permanent solution to secure your data. - Across the world, most of computers do not undergo regular backup. - A fair number of users do forget to complete the backup. - 1 out of every 10 new hard disk corrupts in first few months. - The rate of computer recovery Service of these corrupted disks is less than 35%. - More than 40% of small organization ignoring data back ups lose their business. - Amazingly while you are thinking to secure your data, more 15000 users might have lost their data.

Now what could be the best possible solution in this scenario? Backing up the data on a well secured storage medium ensures easy data restoration. However, the other ways are also now available. Online Data Security and Recovery is one such option that is being used widely nowadays. In fact, a revolutionary method developed by world’s leading software group is also on high talk. It is called as ‘Set It, Save It, Forget It’.

This new system is actually an online data back up service which offers most secured remote access back up, and deletion, high speed archiving, online anti virus and spam protection along with all traditional yet essential filters. The encryption used here is of military style, which assures the 100% data security and guaranteed restoration using AFIMS (i.e. Automatic File Integrity Management System).

In today’s competitive world, every organization ahs to rely on huge database collected over the years. Loosing which, of course becomes a question of survival for that organization and on individual level its like a total loss of personal things, commitments and important details. That’s why, using pc data recovery services well in advance will not only make your future bright but also secure it in all possible ways from being ruined.

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