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One of the fun things to do before or the moment the baby is born is naming it. As names apply to all of the people in the world, they make us identify one another and uniqueness to the character we have. The moment the baby is born and is named, the name they hold will go on until they grow old and die. So it is important to name your baby with care and correctness so the baby when grown up will not regret it. There are many Popular Baby Names you can give to a baby when born. American names are usually used because of the popularity of their entertainment shared all over the world. Also Italian and Spanish are widely used nowadays. Here are some top examples of Popular Baby Names and their origins and meanings. BOYS: Michael is widely used today. With many famous stars such as Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, and many more, they have made the name well-known to the world. Michael originally came from Hebrew, which means �Who is like God?� It is one of the seven archangels who emerged in the bible. Mike can be an example of a nickname in this name. Alexander originated from Greek is also broadly used today which means �defender of man� The most famous possessor of the name Alexander the Great which is the Fourth Century Macedonian King. Nicknames used in this name can be Alex. Justin Timberlake, Justin Bieber are one of the famous people using Justin. It is originally obtained from the Latin name Justus which means �Just or Fair� It is widely used in the English, French, and Slovene places. William which originated as an Old German name is widely used nowadays. Many in the English speaking communities use this name like the famous poet William Shakespeare, and Prince William of England, and many more. The name means �determined protector� and the nickname used can be Will or Willie. GIRLS: Isabella originated as a Spanish name is an alternative for Elizabeth which Hebrew. It is also the Anglicized variant of the Spanish Isabel which means �God�s Promise� Bella can be a nickname for Isabella that is better known now because of the Twilight Saga character named Isabella Swan. Anna which is an alternative for Hannah is a Hebrew originated name. The meaning of the name is �grace� originally taken from the Hebrew name Chana. In the bible Anna was a widow as well as a prophetess who prayed in the Jerusalem temple. Sophia, a Greek name is widely used in English, Greek, Italian and German societies. The name which means �wisdom� is commonly used in the bible and was an early mythical Christian deity. The Spanish alternate of Sophia is Sofia; Sophie can be a good nickname for this. Natalie which is a Latin name means �Christmas day�. It is an alternate name for Natalia. The common users of this name are the French, English, and the German. One famous actress bearing the name is Natalie Portman. You can choose many Popular Baby Names to suit your child and many of these have different meanings be it popular baby names or the less often used names. However, it will be up to you to decide on what to name the baby.

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