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Lebanese weather isn’t necessarily unpredictable, but it certainly does have its extremes. With its typical Mediterranean climate, Lebanon sees summers that are unrelenting in terms of heat and dryness, and winters that are often brief, but cool and rainy. As such, awnings provide the perfect versatile architectural feature to complement these weather patterns.

The Lebanese people are notorious for their love of patios and outdoor spaces. Yet, with the changing weather patterns, they need an element of protection to maintain a pleasant outside experience. The hot sun and high temps can make it unbearable to stay outside without shade for long periods of time, which is why awnings have become the norm in Lebanon. Many Lebanese homeowners choose awnings that have folding arms or other versatile features so that they can either shield their patios or open them up to get some sun as they see fit. 

While the months of June through August rarely see any rain in Lebanon, the majority of the country’s rainfall (70%, according to WeatherOnline), occurs between November and March. While the temperatures are generally not too extreme to be outdoors, the heavy rainfall can make going outside impossible for anyone who doesn’t wish to get soaked. Thus, the awnings that provide shade from the hot sun in the summer months are also valuable in the wintertime, when it’s nice to step outside without having to get drenched. 

In addition to protecting against the sun and rain, awnings can also provide relief from winds. As a subtropic region, Lebanon can sometimes experience strong gusts, which can be reduced, in part, through the use of an awning.

Beyond their practical uses, awnings have become somewhat of an architectural trend in Lebanon. They are an especially nice touch for homeowners who entertain often, and they are a coveted element of luxury for Lebanese houses. They are a nice touch for evening dinner parties, and can be as simple or as sophisticated as homeowners choose.

Lebanese homeowners take pride in both the durable materials and patterns that complement the exterior of their homes, as well as the relaxed ambiance that the awnings provide. In addition to affording protection against the harsher elements of the Mediterranean climate, awnings also have the potential to increase the value of Lebanese homes, as they are regarded as convenient add-ons which are ideal for entertaining and creating a cozy atmosphere. Because they require very little maintenance, awnings are an ideal architectural feature for any Lebanese homeowner.

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