The benefits of large wooden pergolas

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Pergola means framework which supports climbing plants. A wooden pergola is a wooden structure built in the gardens to give support to the climbing plants. It also helps in the formation of a walkway that has shade. It can also serve as a link which is in between the pavilions. The materials for building a modern wooden pergola include; wood, aluminum, fiber made of glass and cellular PVC.

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There are different types of pergolas. These include; single pergolas, double pergolas and corner pergolas. The single pergolas are used as screen dividers to separate parts of the room for privacy purposes. The double garden pergolas can be used to create sunbathing sites during the summer period. Double wooden pergolas come in different widths like 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m and 2.7m. The corner pergola is so attracting due to its design. It can be of great interest to any gardener who sees it since it can be so compelling to the garden. The corner pergola’s dimensions are 4.2m by 2.2m by 2.3m. Some of the advantages of the wooden pergola include:

  • Easy to install and maintain. The wooden pergolas are cheap to build especially when the Douglas fir wood is used.
  • It creates a very beautiful visual interest especially when there are some flowers growing up and down the posts that run vertically. Other design elements can also be used to dress up a wooden pergola. This attracts many people and especially if built in an international hotel, it can attract as many tourists as possible.
  • A large wooden pergola can also maximize the space outdoor. It adds an area for putting furniture outdoors. This mainly happens if one of the pergola posts is attached to the door or any corner of the house. This creates a shelter from the rains.
  • It is a very easy project such that if started can take very minimum time to get finished. It does not require much resource to be set aside. If there is no availability of the equipment used for building pergola, manufacturers sell the pergola kits at a very affordable price.
  • The amount of light or shade can be easily determined by the person building the pergola. This is done by observing where the pergola is to be built. This will help in determining the right angle for the pergola rafters.

The wooden pergola will require an annual maintenance process depending on the wood used to build it. Treating he woods used to make the pergola will keep off the termites and also protect the pergola from being damaged by weather especially during the rainy seasons. The wooden pergola might need repainting to keep its original color and design and also to maintain its original appearance. The pergola may even fall down due to poor maintenance. This will be quiet expensive since a new wooden pergola will have to be put in place. However, if the wooden pergola is properly taken care of and annually maintained, then you can enjoy the benefits of the pergola as long as desired.

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