How to Develop an On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

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In this digital era, nearly everything in the world can reach your doorstep, the latest to join is services. The services can be anything right from Taxi services, plumber repair and fixes, beauty treatment and surprisingly now Fuel delivery services are on the rise. 

At the touch of a button, you can call for any service you want making the end-users life more convenient and elated.

The on-demand fuel delivery services app came as a surprise to many as it could have never been imagined that you could get your vehicle tank filled at the location of your choice. This service has caught fire in nations such as UAE, California, and London.


How does a Fuel Delivery App work?

The in-built gas delivery program works like any other app -- whoever wants to get their fuel tank filled can get it done anywhere anytime.

These 3 simple steps do the trick to placing the delivery order:

Register-- Register to the App by adding all the needed information to get started.

Share his/her area -- Either the address for delivery can be manually added or get it tracked by                GPS.

Select the Fuel Type-- From the Fuel options available all that is now left to be done is to select the type and quantity to complete the order.

The fuel is then delivered to the user making it the most convenient form of service and eliminating the hassle of driving all the way down to the gas station.

Basic features to be covered in a Fuel delivery App

Register/Login: The user needs to register to the app using his/her contact number, email ID or with their social media accounts.

 Create a Profile: The user needs to create his/her profile which includes personal details such as name, number, type of vehicle, vehicle number, and location.

Select the Fuel type: The user gets an option to select the fuel type and the quantity for order.

It also will have a feature of scheduling the time, date and location of delivery. 

Track the order: Your customer will be able to constantly track the delivery guy thereby giving an insight of when the fuel will be delivered.

Payment options: The customer can choose from the provided payment options like Cash on delivery, Credit card, net banking, Paypal, etc.

Order History: With this feature, your customer will be able to track the previous orders and also details of the fuel type, quantity, etc.


The business model and strategy

Before the app development activity begins the most important aspect to be included is how the entire functionality of the business using the app is going to take place. This involves considering the fleet management, resource allocation, and training, vendor tie-ups in case of aggregator based model. 

After the base is set up, the next step is to establish the IT infrastructure. The most important element here is GPS tracking and monitoring the Fuel. In GPS, the driver Together with GPS, the carriers have to be equipped with another pair of software or hardware workarounds to record the set of data. Due to the presence of IoT devices, they can

  1. Connect to the internet directly

  2. Draw the minimum amount of power

  3. Can report vital statistics in real-time

  4. Can interface with mobile apps/ devices

  5. Can be operated on a low cost

It is crucial that the delivery trucks are equipped with the safety and security aspects.

 i.e. make sure that the temperature and pressure are maintained as well as the quality of the fuel is maintained before and after volume.

As soon as you've completed the list of smart sensors to be incorporated into your own solution, it is time to begin the app development process. Here the functionality and feature should be compatible with all the external functions for successful deliveries. 


Challenges faced by Fuel ordering Apps

Thorough market research needs to be done before the onset of app development. For existing gas owners it becomes an extended channel to expand their business but for startups, it is altogether a new territory hence it needs extensive research and study to make the project a viable one.

The next challenge is the security concerns concerning the delivery and handling of fuel.

Protocols and regulatory norms laid down by the respective government to safeguard from any mishap needs to be followed meticulously for a long and uninterrupted running of the online business.

Once the challenges are worked upon then all that is the benefits of the fuel delivery app that leads to sales and revenue generation.

Saves time- This fuel delivery concept saves a lot of time for the consumers as the pain of waiting for your turn at the gas station is eliminated.

Fuel Quality: The quality of fuel is maintained as there will be constant refills and less retainment.

Emergency refill: In times of fuel run out there is a lot of distress. This app will be the most convenient in times of such crisis.



On-demand fuel delivery apps are steadily making an entry in many countries. Since the idea is new you still can gain a lot out of it by introducing an app with a different business model on fuel. If you are looking for fuel delivery app development, you can get in touch with us to be your development partner.


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