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Drivers Having A Hard Time Leaving NASCAR

Bill Elliott announced his retirement from full-time competition following the 2003 season. Nevertheless, he continued to compete on a part-time basis in 2004 with Evernham Motorsports. In 2005 and 2006, he continued his partial schedule, driving for Evernham Motorsports and Front Row Motorsports. In 2007, Elliott began driving for the Wood Brothers in select races, hoping to facilitate the team from a performance standpoint. Elliott returned to the Wood Brothers in 2008 for a partial schedule. In 2009, Elliott is expected to compete in at least twelve races.

The flickers of love igniting on internet often do not last long

Often the relationships which are made over the internet do not last long because people end up choosing an un-suitable life-partner, they form an emotional bond on the basis of a platonic relationship, rather than meeting face-to-face, cited a recent survey by a team of researcherís in Australia.

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