The flickers of love igniting on internet often do not last long

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Often the relationships which are made over the internet do not last long because people end up choosing an un-suitable life-partner, they form an emotional bond on the basis of a platonic relationship, rather than meeting face-to-face, cited a recent survey by a team of researcher’s in Australia.

Who’s more susceptible to online? The study further proclaims that the Women are more prone to be trapped in the vicious-circle of witty-messages and clever-messages sent by an anonymous person; there by they end up choosing “Mr. Wrong” as they do not realize that sharing romantic quotes through text messages does not mean that the person they are emotionally bound with is “Mr. Right”. “Generally the men use the concept of “netting”, which involves sending a teaser to a group of women and embracing that at least one of them returns the favors. Some men pitch themselves as the married alcoholic’s who have been relinquished by a polygamous wife (cheating).” adds Mr Shiella Raje, Senior Psychiatrist. “You can easily avoid the pitfalls by meeting the person as soon as possible in your virtual relationship, rather then extending the relationship for years.” said Dipti Bhatnagar, HR Manager, Miracle Studios.

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