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Awesome Animal Logo Ideas – Because It’s a Jungle Out There!

A lot of famous brands in the market have used animal logo ideas for their company trademark because mammal images can portray your business features

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Why Some Beauty Salon Logos Design Miserably Fails To Deliver Good Results?

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MIracle Studios : Mass awareness drive : So the question is do the Ghosts really exist?

The photographs from my recent spring break to Goa were ready and I called upon my room mate to see them. Both of us were sitting on our sofa, and I was explainining the moments captured in the photographs to my friend, but suddenly my eyes were tucked on a picture where I was sailing over the rushing tides of sea with my surfing board, this picture was thrilling but soon this thrilling view started intimidating me with a faded shadow of some person. Yes, the picture had a clear sign of a faded creature flying in the sky. My friend said Naveen, you were followed by some ghost on your trip to Goa.I said to my friend, I cant believe, there are no such things like Ghost dear. Being a science student, it was very hard for me to swallow those un-reasonable theories by Raghu (my friend). Suddenly, from nowhere an idea propped in to my mind, Let me search for this thing on Google. When I searched in to the Google I stumbled across a blog by Alan Boyle which peeks in to the whole spirit photography madness in his recent article. He interviewed many people who believe that many Orbs like things caught on the film can be scientifically explained as the matters of optical illusions. Several glowing orbs, for instance, are the most common type of optical illusions seen in the photographs taken with digital cameras, but these can be easily explained. Analysts believe that spectre like creatures are caused when dust particles, moisture, or insects in the air reflects the flashing beams of a digital camera back in to surface of the lens of the digital camera. I dug deep in to the search results of Google, there I also aknowledged the complete article on chasing ghosts on film. Thanks God I am not the subscriber of this theory , I would have been, but my Science Degree does not allows me to fiddle. Still I am giving you the chance to change my mind. Have you captured any spectre in your pictures? Just send me a link in the comments section. Note*: This is a mass awareness drive by Miracle Studios.

Does your weight loss plan include these 10 Essential Steps?

Be prepared to be less effective and waste your own time, if your weight loss programme does not contain these quick lose fat tricks.
1. Must have a Change in Lifestyle
Every effective weight loss programme will help clients change their lifestyle. This is absolutely critical to the long term success of the programme. Unfortunately, it is now...

Traveling on an Alaskan Cruise

People travel either for business or for pleasure. The nature of the trip will determine how long this will last from a day to a few weeks.

Those who are planning a vacation real soon should try going to Alaska. It may not be that developed compared to other places in the world yet its simplicity is something worth watching.

There are...

Getting a Good Deal on an Alaskan Cruise

Surveys from shipping companies show that more people are buying cruises going to Alaska than those being offered to the Bahamas or the Caribbean. This is tourism and more ports have been opened up north making it more convenient for travelers.

Instead of just hearing good reviews, the person can book a ticket and see it for real. Though the...

Discount Cruise Bound for Alaska

Consumer reports show that the price for an Alaskan cruise is still more expensive than traveling to the Bahamas or the Caribbean. This is perhaps because of the sights that attract more visitors each year and as people continue to follow the law of supply and demand, this will continue to do so.

Should the person join the bandwagon then? Ye...

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