How To Let Your Company’s Personality Shine Through Your Two Letter Logo?

  Tam Becker    April 28, 2012    999


Many companies prefer to craft letter symbols for their business brand marks. That is because letter logos give you a wider margin for creativity and innovation along with giving the design a classic and sophisticated touch.

So if there are so many advantages of letter based emblems, then why aren't all the companies crating their brand marks that way?

That is because there is one very important element that is difficult to comprehend in the design which usually results in the failure of branding strategy.

Many corporations find it difficult to comprehend the company's personality in their letter monogram; whether it is a two letter logo or a one letter design and that is where the trouble starts from.

To make your emblem different from others, it is important to let your company's personality and characteristics shine through your monogram so that the customers also find it easier to create a distinct place for your brand in their minds.

So how can you take your corporation's uniqueness and combine it in your business mark.

Let's have a look:

• The first step here is to list down the values and unique characteristics of your brand on a paper. For example, is providing healthy and organic food an important part of your company value? Is creating a safe world for wild creatures the mission of your company? Is creating environmentally safe products an important belief? Is being the best technological company your vision?

You need to list down all such important information.

• The next step is to illustrate a design concept for each one of these characteristics. This is where you need to get really creative. Make sure that the image concept you create is unique. For example, if your company is determined to provide safe and organic products to its customers, then you can draw images of natural items or if your company is environmentally friendly then you can draw a tree or a green plant besides it.

• Now that you have the values and the core concept in front of you, take your company initial and try to create an illustration that would accommodate your company values in the letter. You can do that in several ways.

. If you want to add a subtle touch of the values in the design then you can use the negative space and create a silhouette of the core concept shapes that you have listed above.

. If your business name consists of three words then don't hesitate to create a three letter logo design.

. You can use the colors and effects to portray your corporation characteristics. For a technological company initial, you can craft it 3 dimensionally it with origami effect to depict its tech-suaveness. For the environment, use the strong green color or the small branches and leaves.

After the initial design is complete, add in the colors to complete the design and your logo is good enough to be used anywhere you like.

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