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Wedding Music

Ceremony Music
Choosing the music for your wedding can seem like a daunting task. To make the prospect less overwhelming, think in terms of audio "snapshots": what kind of music would you like when your guests arrive for the ceremony? What song will best capture your emotions as you walk down the aisle toward you future spous...

Hiring a Wedding Photographer

The photographer you will entrust with preserving your wedding-day memories should be one of the first people you hire: Start searching at least six months ahead of time. Solicit referrals from friends and wedding professionals, and try to interview at least three photographers. With large studios, insist on meeting the person who will actually ...

Wedding Favors

Few modern weddings manage to avoid the ritual of wedding favors. Traditionally, wedding favors are usually placed on the table, in front of every guest, although this idea seems to have diminished, in recent years.
Choices of Wedding Favors
Trying to select a small gift that is going to...

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