Wedding Music

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Ceremony Music
Choosing the music for your wedding can seem like a daunting task. To make the prospect less overwhelming, think in terms of audio "snapshots": what kind of music would you like when your guests arrive for the ceremony? What song will best capture your emotions as you walk down the aisle toward you future spouse? What music is most natural in the setting you have chosen, whether it's a garden, a country club, or beach? If you are having a difficult time deciding what style of music best suits your wedding, relax. Weddings offer abundant opportunities to use many different genres.


Reception Music
The music at the reception ushers guests from space to space and moment to moment. The standard sequence - thought you should feel free to depart from it - is a cocktail hour filled with a light, soothing style of music, often jazz or classical. Toasts call for soft background music or none at all, and dinners require only the most muted sounds. After the bride and groom's first dance, dancing customarily continues with the bride and her father taking to the floor, and crescendos with a more rollicking, festive atmosphere until the last slow ballads signal that the celebration is coming to a close.

Choosing a Music Style
Consider not just your own preferences but those of your guests as well. If you've invited several generations to your reception, choose classics that guests of many different age groups are likely to recognize and enjoy. Also think about whether your family and friends are more inclined to spend the night crowding the dance floor or just mingling and talking. If it's the latter, and understated approach to music - soft jazz instead of rock, for instance - might be in order. No matter what kind of music you select for your wedding, it should be something you will love as much in ten years as you do right now.

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