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Make up is a favorite and essential daily routine for every woman. During make up after applying cream on the face, powder is applied. The cream and powder act in conjunction to create a finish, which absorbs moisture and skin oils. A colorless and transparent powder enables to avoid the sheen on the face due to sweat and oils. Powders used for make up are mineral powders.

Shampoo for hair care

Many doctors say that the hairs and scalp should be cleaned regularly as often as every other day. The main function of a shampoo is to remove all the dirt and excess sebum from hair and scalp. For healthy hairs sebum is needed as these glands provide healthy lubricant to the hairs. Different kinds of shampoo are available in the market for various hair types.


Go glamorous by wearing a little glitter on evening out. Shimmer, shine, dazzle with silver, gold or a frosted pastel. People who do performance on stage under those big bright lights need to shine with glitter. At any Performance, Competition, Exhibition, Recital, Pageant, Parade, Concert or the dance the girls wants to be able to out shine and out sparkle the competition


Selecting the best makeup mirrors for the job at hand is the key to a balanced and beautiful appearance. Not every mirror is suitable for every cosmetic application and women should use mirrors they feel comfortable and confident about. With mirror, they will feel comfortable and confident about their appearance and those feelings will be reflected in a beautiful smile and gracious personality for everyone to see.

Conditioner for hair

Hair conditioner is a cosmetic product that takes care of the hair which improves the texture and appearance of the hairs. It is a reconstructs the hairs It is a creamy, moisturizing and detangling hair product used after using shampoo on the hairs. A conditioner nourishes the hairs and it does not clean the hairs.

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