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 Application of Powder

Make up is a favorite and essential daily routine for every woman. During make up after applying cream on the face, powder is applied. The cream and powder act in conjunction to create a finish, which absorbs moisture and skin oils. A colorless and transparent powder enables to avoid the sheen on the face due to sweat and oils. Powders used for make up are mineral powders.

Tones and Ingredients of Powders

Different tones of powders are available for varying skin shades. For Light or very light skin, that always burns and seldom tans, the Nude, Blonde and Shell shades are apt. For Medium skin color, which seldom burns and can create a tan, the Cream, Tender and Sand shades must be used. For Dark skin colors, which continuously tan, the Sunlit, Toast, Mocha and Chestnut shades are available. The color should be neutral and a compliment to the skin color. Powders with a fragrance that appeals to the user should be bought. If the woman is sensitive to fragrance, then fragrance-free powders are also available. Talc can block skin pores and have a pronouncing effect on wrinkles. So, powders, which are free of talc, are recommended. They must also be free of oil, as it also jams pores and leads to breakout of skin. Natural mineral pigments suck oil and offer a smooth and velvety look. They also disperse light to alleviate the fine lines and surface imperfections on the face. Cornstarch and natural kaolin when present provide the same uses. Some powders contain ingredients, which provide a protective layer on the skin. The powders should be hypoallergenic and sensitivity tested. Powders are available in compacts, which are sometimes refillable to decrease waste.

Uses of Powders

When powders are applied, they cause the skin to look clean and fresh. They moderate the flaws on the face and provide a youthful brightness. Even very dry skin can look flexible and dewy. Although there is a layer of powder on the skin, the skin is allowed to respire. When age-decreasing and light-reflecting minerals are used they minimize the appearance of fine lines on the face. The powder does not change color and stays firm on any skin hue. The skin under the layer of powder remains defectless, even under the effect of heat, huidity and perpetual activity.
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