Worried About The Security Of Your Magento eCommerce Store? Check This Out!

  Mark  Wilston    November 19, 2012    978


People think that the job is done once the website is launched. It definitely is not! Protecting a website is possible only by continued efforts. Security has always been a very important element to consider when it comes to your e-commerce store as all sale transactions are done online and most of the times both the dealing parties are strangers to each other. Security, thus, becomes really important to foster the online commerce industry in general and your estore in particular.

Are you running a Magento estore? This post is designed to give you a number of proven tips to protect your Magento website.

Change Administrator Username : By-default administrator username is “admin”, but there is nothing like that you can't change this. It is possible to change administrator username from the database used by Magento. Changing username increases your security measure as it becomes difficult for the hackers to crack combination of username and password.

Use Strong Password  & Don’t Rely On Changing Your Password Only : There is nothing new in this; everyone knows how much important their password is. Let's reiterate it so that you don't forget this tip even in the heat of the moment. A password can be made strong by using alphanumeric characters with upper and lower case alphabets. A long password of around 9-12 characters is good enough from the point of security. Remember you don't have to make your password difficult but the idea is to make it impossible to guess. Moreover, many people believe that changing their password on a regular basis will protect their account despite knowing the fact that hackers will use your password before you get a chance to change it. Changing passwords regularly won’t hurt, but never count on it to protect your data – if hackers get to know your password then they will right away use it and won't let you get a chance to change it.

Restrict Access To Data : Dishonest employees or vendors can also be considered as a loophole in your security system. So to minimize this risk, it is a good practice to limit the user access of the data to the level users need to perform their assigned task.

Secure Administrator Email Address : Administrator email address is used to login to your Magento server. And it is recommended to use different email address for this purpose that is not publicly known. Using a totally different address in your contact page not only secures you from hackers but also from phishing emails at your administrator email address.

Update Regularly & Back It Up : Upgrades are mostly fix bugs in the script and are important as hell from the security point of view. But before upgrading, it's must to make a backup of all files and databases of your Magento e-commerce website as this practice secure all your data from any loss as well as from any mis-happening.

By taking all these precautions you can easily harden your Magento-based eCommerce website against all those hackers.

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