Women in the History of Craft Alcohol

  Nadia Winget    June 8, 2021    1681


If you think that it is only men who are involved in the craft spirit movement, then think again! Not only are more and more women indulging in craft spirits like craft beer in London and elsewhere, but they are also involved in the brewing and distilling processes. Many of these small-time breweries and distilleries are run by a husband-and-wife duo, who have a passion for their product and their spirit, whether it is beer or craft gin or anything else.

However, it is not only in these current times that women have got involved in brewing craft alcohol, it has been happening for centuries, although in those times they were more formally known as being pioneers in the areas of food science, chemistry and medicine, or in other words witchcraft! Yes, the women who crafted their own alcoholic brews and distils were labelled as witches many centuries ago, and even tortured and killed for their profession, skills and talents.

Luckily, in this day and age, we understand the difference between witchcraft and creating a truly artisan beverage. Across the world, many women are coming into the business of creating artisan craft spirits such as craft gin, and are very successful in their professions. Women such as Rachel Hall, Amanda Kathrine Paul and Kirsty Black are pioneering the efforts of women in the craft spirits business, and certainly making a name for themselves in this predominantly male dominated field.

These women are changing how the world perceives women in general and are proving to everyone that there is no area in industry where women cannot excel in. From enjoying their weekend craft beer in London or elsewhere to brewing or distilling some fine craft spirits, women are certainly making a move in the right direction and venturing out into areas where they are slowly but surely creating a new era for all women in business.


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