Why you should set up a Wi-Fi hotspot at your next product launch

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Setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot for an upcoming event could end up being the boost you need to finally make a big break. The edge of instant reviews should never be overlooked. It’s an opportunity to clinch your niche from the ground up.

The younger generation spend at least 40 hours per week online and as such having constant internet connectivity is very important to them. Think of it as handing them a lifeline at a time of need. That said you will also benefit greatly from setting up the hotspot for your own business reasons. Product launches are like meeting someone for the 1st time and you need to make sure that you make a good first impression be it by your own devices or based on reviews by the attendees. Here are 5 reasons you should consider setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot at your next event;

     1. Easier online payment verification

Having internet connectivity will make it easier for you to verify online payments made if at all you are going to be selling products. This will also make updating your sales software much easier instead of manually recording all sales and inputting the data at a later date. You can also be able to link bank notifications to the correct sales for receipting purposes.

     2. Easier cashless payment management

Event wifi hotspot will also enable you to process cashless payments made by running a card. Needless to say, PDQs need internet connection to function and as such the internet connection is critical. You can also use the Wi-Fi for cashless RFID chip payment. All you need is internet connection and the RFID chip reader for swiping purposes.

     3. Free PR

The younger generations have a desire to post their life online at all times. This offers you a unique opportunity to get free PR when they post videos and pictures of your launch oh their social media pages. To capitalize further on this opportunity, you can invite some vloggers, bloggers and influencers to the event and have them post live videos and pictures.

     4. Cheap attraction

Free event Wi-Fi hotspot is an added crowd pleaser. This almost guarantees good reviews due to the prompt ability by free internet to post while still excited. Some people might attend your event just for the free Wi-Fi and end up liking what you have to offer which is a Win-win for you. You might even end up making a few sales if you happen to have a pop-up shot at the event.

     5. Live broadcasting

Temporary Wi-Fi set-up allows you to broadcast your launch live as the event is going on. If you have an outside media outlet covering your event, having internet connectivity will work to your advantage as you can be certain they will b able to cover your product launch without any glitches. Make sure you get a portable generator too to glitch proof your launch.

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