Why is driving a Three Wheeler a popular vocation among the youth?

  Anna  Paquin     August 4, 2021    1051


Aside from the sheer number of three-wheelers on the road, policymakers are concerned that too many young people choose to drive three-wheelers instead of pursuing other sorts of vocational training. When it comes to cars, common wisdom is that you need at least four wheels. So, why are there three-wheelers on the road, specially driven by young people?

The sight of blue, green, red, and yellow three-wheelers manoeuvring traffic or stopped by the side of the road waiting for customers has grown commonplace in Sri Lanka. The increasing number of young people working as three-wheeler drivers has alarmed officials, especially considering the country's labour shortages in a variety of industries.

In fact, a three-wheeler is much more convenient and inexpensive than a normal automobile, hence why youngsters are much more likely to purchase a three-wheeler than their first car or motorcycle. Three-wheelers are easy to handle, can be maintained easily and spare parts such as three-wheel tyres in Sri Lanka can be purchased online without much hassle.

The triangular shape, in addition to housing smaller engines, is more aerodynamic than a boxy three-wheeler, meaning it can achieve superior fuel economy merely by virtue of its body design.

It's also worth noting that three-wheelers are far more stable than their two-wheeled counterparts. You won't have to learn to balance a three-wheeler or put your foot down to keep it upright when it comes to a halt. The vehicle's triangular base allows it to stand on its own, and it lacks the unpleasant seats found on motorcycles.

 Many drivers choose this since it allows them to own a three-wheeled vehicle without having to obtain an automobile driver's license.

Whatever the reason, youngsters surely do know that three-wheelers in Sri Lanka are the best and most convenient way to get around, and earn a bit of pocket money for taxi riding, making it a common vocation amongst them.

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