Why Have Famous Brands Used Animal Logos To Represent Their Brands?

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How many times have you heard the saying clever like a fox, quick like a cat, working like ants or as blind as a bat?

Symbolizing human behavior with mammal attributes has been common for a long time now which is why a lot of famous brands have used animal images with different effects for their trademark designs. That way they can inform the unique features of their product without using any words and give their brand marks international recognition.

Easy and Smart!

Let's look at a few famous animal logos and see what they represent:

1. Ferrari's horse:

Horses are often symbolized for reliability, speed and grace which is the perfect combination that this famous car manufacturer was looking for when they wanted to design their business' trademark. A prancing horse is shown in their logo design to represent reliability with a touch of chauvinism, much like the cars they manufacture.

2. WWF's panda:

Since the main aim of the World Wildlife Federation is to protect endangered species, a giant panda was the perfect choice for their brand mark. The logo consists of a panda with a sad and cute expression to stimulate protective feelings amongst its viewers.

3. NBC's peacock:

Peacocks are known for their colorfulness. The time when this TV channel was designing its logo, Technicolor was new to the industry which is why the channel decided to use a colorful peacock for their brand mark to represent the newly discovered colors on TV.

4. Energizer's bunny:

The company energizer's batteries portray the message of constant energy. They are always on the move even when the rest of the world is tired which is why they chose a cute pink bunny to represent their brand. Rabbits are known for their speed and energy. Energizer used care free animal logos of pink bunnies for their trademark design to make the logo cute, energetic and easily relatable to people of all ages.

5. Jaguar's jaguar:

The basic message that any car manufacturer wants to portray is speed, strength and grace and none other animal can be faster and more graceful than a big cat like jaguar. Owning a car like that can make their owner feel like that legendary cat; intimidated and respected.

6. MGM's lion:

What better way to represent yourself as the king of the jungle than to use an image of a lion in your brand mark design. A lion is known to be royalty much like this media house that happens to be the pioneer in the movie world so the founders of this company chose the image of a lion to tell their customers and competitors that they mean business and they are here to stay.

7. Dove's Bird:

The bird dove is symbol of purity, innocence and freshness much like the company which is why they chose this bird to represent their business mark.

So there you have, some famous brands with creature images doing a job that no other spokesperson can do better.

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