Why Don’t These Custom Team Logo Designs Make Their Teams Proud?

  Tam Becker    April 3, 2012    839


They may have been famous sports teams but their trademarks clearly say otherwise.

What went wrong with these custom team logo designs?

1. Oakland Oaks:

This famous basketball squad's trademark consists of a cartoon oak nut happily dribbling a basket ball. The image is surrounded with a bright yellow background with green colored text. Overall, the trademark looks childish. A good games symbol needs to be athletic and sporty looking whereas this image looks like something out of a grade school book. Instead of looking fierce and determined, this emblem looks foolish.

2. Dallas Stars (The Bull):

This design consists of a green colored bull with stars all over the symbol connected to each other. This may not have been such a bad design if the stars weren't connected to each other like a child playing dot-to-dot. The thick yellow line connecting the stars together makes the design confusing and complicated.

3. Cleveland Indians:

Their logo would have probably made a better cartoon character than a sports mark. The figure of a Red Indian with a wide grin on his face fails to be intimidating and fierce looking for the viewers. This symbol would have been better suited for a middle school games mark than for a professional baseball group.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Even though this team has altered their brand mark several times, one design that has made a permanent place in our minds is the image of a musketeer like pirate with a knife between its teeth. Firstly, it is hard to understand if it is a musketeer or a pirate in the icon and secondly the overall tones of the symbol have been done in red which make it look shabby and low quality.

5. Buffalo Sabres:

The new brand mark of this ice hockey team is a dark blue colored emblem with two intersecting swords and a figure of a raging bull above it. This icon has made one simple mistake that fail to make it sophisticated or memorable. It uses more than one central object in their icon. Even the placement of the bull is not wise which looks like it has been added later as an afterthought. Overall, their trademark has failed to make the respectful impact that their players have made.

6. Washington Wizards:

This NBA squad's logo is a blue colored techno wizard with a basketball in one hand and a star in the other with a crescent in the background. Along with this confusing picture is the squad's initial W printed on the wizard's upper body. There are several mistakes in this emblem. First, the symbol focuses on more than one object which makes it complicated and secondly using graphical abstract images for the wizard in the emblem makes it hard to understand. Remember, if a viewer cannot understand the free team logo in less than five seconds, he will never be able to memorize it.

Hence, if you are trying to create a trademark for your squad, then it is a good idea to have a look at some sports brand marks that haven't been received well by viewers. Learn what went wrong with them and make sure you don't repeat their mistakes.

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