Why Do You Need College Logos Design For Your Educational Institute?

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You see university symbols everywhere, from t-shirts to notebooks. It is the symbol that is recognized by students, faculty and society. It is the image that becomes a reason for kinship between alumni when they go out into the real world.

So, to say that a college logo is important for an institute would be an understatement.

But exactly why do you need distinct and exclusive college logos design for your educational institute?

1. A symbol for history and tradition:

An official symbol can be a depiction of your college’s history, culture and tradition. It can tell its viewers the values it stands for and where it comes from. Many famous university logos take a distinct feature of their location and embody it in their monogram so that it gives them a distinct edge over others. For example the Penn State logo consists of an image of mountain lion that was commonly found there years ago. Today, the image of a lion on dark blue background has become a sign for international academic excellence.

Similarly, the strong sense of tradition that Dartmouth prides itself over has been represented in their brand mark which consists of an image of an academic building in a rural area with trees in the backdrop.

A university monogram can tell tales about the history, culture and tradition of the place.

2. An emblem to use at society activities and sports events:

Imagine your strong and courageous sports players going out into the field, trying to defend their honor in plain t-shirts and slacks?

Where is the feature that will bind them all together like a team?

Will they really be able to defend their school’s honor when they don’t feel bonded to each other?

The answer is NO! You need an image that will assure the players that they have each other’s loyalty. Your official emblem can also be an inspiration factor for the uniforms of the players, the decoration of the field and the mascot.

You need an official sign to adorn all the society functions and activities so that the onlookers know what the students are capable of.

3. A sign for school spirit and unity:

An official emblem binds all the students together. It makes them realize that they may have different nationalities, localities and societies but when they wear the official colors they are all brother and sisters. Using college logos can take the bonding between students to a higher level. That is the power of a college brand monogram. The official emblem can also be an inspiration factor for the celebrations and merriment in times of school achievements.

In a nutshell, your educational institute isn’t just any school; it is a brand that must be a symbol of respect and pride for its bearers.

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