Which CMS is Easy to Use: Joomla or Drupal

  Mark  Wilston    May 3, 2012    1088


All Business merchants who are planning to create websites may be confused to choose a best content management system for their business. They may be wondering while selecting a most appropriate option between Joomla and Drupal as both are widely used CMS applications, both are open-source software and supported by active community of thousands users. In order to support new technology, Joomla and Drupal are constantly being improved. Both of these CMS web development technologies help to enhance the basic functions and also add new features to a website. These CMSs have become a must grab opportunity for every online merchant and business owner, and they want them without even knowing their benefits.

But which CMS is best as well as easy to use between Joomla and Drupal? It is a never-ending debate as each of them has its own advantages. You can choose one of them on the basis of your goals, technical knowledge, budget and the purpose of the site. For example, Drupal could be the best choice for building complex site which require scalability and complex data organization. On other hand, if you want a clear-cut website with sharp look, uniqueness, and easy navigational system, Joomla may be the answer.

If we talk in terms of website development, Drupal requires more technical knowledge than Joomla. However, it has the capability to produce most advanced and most complex websites. It is becoming easier to use, with each of its release. If you are not interested to learn new software and your budget is not allowing you to hire a website developer, Drupal development may not be a right choice for you. On other hand, Joomla CMS is less complex than Drupal. Not only it offers uncomplicated installation but it is easy to setup as well. It is a great option for those who have very less or don’t have any coding knowledge. With relatively small efforts into learning Joomla’s structure and terminology, you can have the skills to create fairly complex sites. Whether you are a beginner or well-versed with different programming languages, dealing with website management is no longer difficult as user management system of Joomla allows you to easily manage your website or blogs.

When it comes to choose between Joomla and Drupal CMSs, Joomla is undoubtedly a right pick if you are looking for a simple to use solution. However, Drupal is really a great solution for complex and bulky websites but you need to hire an expert PHP developer in order to use it, if you have no programming skills. This is quite powerful CMS but the learning curve is quite complicated and might feel a little lethargic. A big menu with very an array of options and lots of available plugins might not work for you. Therefore, please don’t try it if you are not familiar with the basics PHP and server configuration skills.

Joomla seems a great solution and a true CMS. It is easy to use and very user-friendly. You will really get amazed with Joomla development simplicity and comprehensible applications. You will be pleasurably surprised at every step of website development whether it is the installation or the article publishing.

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