What to Wear for Bridesmaid?

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How to Choose Dress for Bridesmaid
Outdoor Wedding: The color for bridesmaid dress should match with bride dress. The bridesmaid usually wears knee-high dress with main colors for light purple or light green.

Indoor Wedding: The style for bride's wedding dress and bridesmaid dress should be similar. If the bride wear formal gown with long trailing on wedding day, it is recommended for bridesmaids to wear a long floor dress, and also matched with an appropriate headgear and gloves. If the bride wears a simple style of wedding dress, bridesmaid's dress design must not be complicated; their color shades should be consistent.

Tip: Please pay attention to your back exposed in the air. Since the guests may notice your back when taking a long time back to them.

How to Choose Shoes for Bridesmaid
It’s the best choice to wear high heels to match Bridesmaid dresses. When you increase your height, everything will be improved well. People’s attention on your weight is dis-attracted. The high heel makes you look more beautiful, so you will look even slimmer.

1 Warm colored dress such as pink, coral, orange, and cream should match high hell color such as gold, bronze, copper or red, light green.

2 Cool colored dress like purple, blue, gray, and white should match high heel color such as silver.

3 If you cannot find the shoes to match dress, just think about to choose a shining shoes.

Tip: When the shoes bought, buy bridesmaid shoes, it’s better to wear about half an hour every day at home. Since new shoes may be uncomfortable to wear, you need some time to get used to. In this way, it will not affect the bridesmaid to have a buy and stressful day, but also make new shoes more comfortable to fit.

How to Choose Jewelry for Bridesmaid
1. Irregular Large Pendulum Long Dress & Short Three-row Pearl Necklace
Pure white long bridesmaid dress, adopts the fabric of shiny, matched with the same pearl necklace. The three-row jewelry highlights the slimmer figure, looks simple but elegant, just as the angle protect the bride. The dress is recommended for elegant pure church wedding.

2. Chiffon One-piece Dress & Short Single-row Pearl Necklace & Earrings with Pearl Color
Classic pink chiffon dress is light and elegant, and it’s suitable to match elegant single-row pearl necklace with pearl earrings. This mix is more recommendable, since it can also be worn on weekday’s party or dating, and also for bridesmaid dress.

3. Retro Round Neck Dress & White Pearl Necklace
The dress does not choose chiffon or lace fabric, but choose thick cloth with simple style. Since the dress style is a little conservative, the choice of jewelry must be simple and elegant, so white pearl necklace will make you stand out.

4. Chiffon Strapless Dress& Single-row Adjustable Pearl Necklace
Retro strapless dress will add a little classical flavor, makes you just like a Greek goddess. Dazzling orange displays your enthusiasm and happiness. Long white pearl necklace, matched with a high-waist design, makes you figure thinner.

5. One Shoulder Chiffon Dress & Purple Single-row Pearl Necklace
Beautiful lavender purple is definitely not to be missed color in this season. The purple pearl necklace adds a gorgeous sense, and become the sole focus. The fresh purple color also play the elegant sense into the full.

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