What Regular Maintenance Should Be Done on A Motorcycle?

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 It won't take long, and the peace of mind you will gain from knowing you checked your machine from top to bottom will be well worth it. Trust me when I say that an hour spent in the garage now is preferable to an hour spent on the side of the road researching or waiting for roadside service.

Maintaining your motorcycle properly and on a regular basis can save you a lot of time and money. Some things are common knowledge, while others necessitate some motorcycle maintenance expertise. All of them are necessary not only to extend the life of your motorcycle but also to ensure its safety. Buying motorcycle tyres online in Sri Lanka is the best way to replace your old tyres, as well as bike tyres online. Here is a list of things you need to consider while checking up on your motorcycle daily.

It may sound silly, but when was the last time you went over every element of your bike? Everything in a car wears out with time, making even entirely wrecked components impossible to see in everyday use. Simply switching your mentality to spot-anything-unusual mode can expose flaws that need to be addressed before they become serious, ride-stopping difficulties.

Look for any possible leaks. Oil and dirt streaks down the fork lowers indicate that the fork seals have failed. Drips under the bike need to be looked into. Is that any sort of coolant? What about oil? What is the source of energy? After giving it a sniff, go back to the source. If the leak has been going on for a time, you may need to remove your bike's outer regions to find the source.

Your motorcycle's performance will suffer if the air filter—which keeps debris out of the engine—is clogged and dirty. Changing an air filter is not a difficult task, but it can be time-consuming. The air filter is sometimes easy to reach, but you may need to remove the gas tank and other components to get to it.

Checking the tyre pressure should be done on a regular basis. It's a piece of motorcycle maintenance that influences how well your bike grips the road. Also, every time you go to check the air, make sure the air regulator valve is in good working order. Making sure no air escapes is a sure-fire strategy to keep the bike going longer without inflating it. This is especially crucial if you're preparing to embark on a long journey. In these situations, maintaining constant pressure throughout is critical.

Checking the tread on the tyres is also an important motorbike maintenance tip. To do so, simply place a coin within the lines and check the height. When it comes to grip, this makes a tremendous difference, and grip makes driving a completely different experience. You may also inspect your tread by looking at the tyre’s wear indicator, which is a small rubber knob that sits in the channels of the tyre. If the knob is around the same level as the rubber on the tyre, it's time to change the tyre, which is a job best left to a skilled technician.

Most chains these days are O-ring chains, which require less cleaning than old-style unsealed chains. When the chain becomes extremely dusty, or when the mileage in your owner's manual suggests, clean it. When you're done, raise your bike's back wheel and shift into neutral to allow for simple chain movement. To remove grit and filth from the chain, use a soft bristle brush. Rotate the back wheel while applying specially designed chain lube to lubricate the chain.

If you've been using a maintenance charger, your battery should be completely charged. If you don't have one, get one today. It's a positive indication if the battery charges completely, but it doesn't mean it won't die halfway through your first big ride of the season.

To avoid corrosion, clean your terminals and coat them with dielectric grease. This is also a good opportunity to check your fuses by opening your fuse box. Check your spares and, if space allows, slip a couple extras in there. A blown fuse is one of the most aggravating reasons for having to have a bike towed.

These tips will probably decrease your risk while riding out there, and are definitely worth checking up on. Hence, double check all the motorcycle parts, verify that all things are in place, and enjoy the ride.


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