What Poor Data Storage and Management Policies Can Do to Your Business

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Data! Data! Data! It comes in numeric form, customer feedback, credit card numbers- any form that you can think of, the data is likely to take it up. A good number of people would avoid data as much as possible but in today’s business world where data-driven decisions are critical, it is not possible to shake off the need for proper data storage and management. Sadly, putting up policies relating to data is not as easy as it may sound. However, it is also not impossible. You can get managed dedicated server hosting or go for a public cloud. Thus far the storage issue is sorted out but what are the effects of poor hosting of data?

Store your data properly

Businesses across the globe are investing greatly in storage of their data. Think of the biggest multinationals that can come to mind, they have huge data storage facilities- the data warehouses. These structures take time to put up and huge investments in terms of finances to not only build but also maintain. Regardless of whether you decide to opt for managed dedicated server hosting or you are looking for cloud hosting of your data warehouse the importance to get proper storage is very important. Some of the effects of poor data storage facilities include:

Loss of productivity

Productivity is going to be affected immensely. Think of a scenario where you have to retrieve customer data from the servers but they are; by a stroke of bad lack; down. This is when you have to give your customer that line of unfortunately our systems seem to be down right now, can we get back to you later in the day? There is only so many times that you can do this with your customers. Proper hosting services not only of your systems but also of the databases is critical for the productivity of your business.

Loss of revenue

This ties squarely with the loss of productivity. If you are not able to produce anything (or much) simply because of system downtime you are not going to be making money. Managed dedicated server services come in handy to fix such problems relating to downtime. Problems are detected well in advance and fixed on time.

Tarnished reputation

Here is another scenario- you have lost your customer’s data or someone has hacked into your database and drawn your customer’s social security and credit card numbers. The reputation of your business or brand is going to take a huge dent.

Additional expenses

Correcting the issues relating to poor data management and storage is an expensive affair both in monetary and chronological perspectives. You are going to waste so much time fixing something that could been prevented by procuring services such as the managed dedicated server solutions right from the start. These services can be a bit expensive at face value but the merits of this in terms of security are incomparable. You are not going to spend a fortune in the name of fixing security breaches or going a whole day at work without a critical system.

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