What Is An Exploratory Essay?

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Exploratory essay are all based on the research work, they are written without the use of a writer’s personal opinion. Students find these essays most difficult, especially the conclusion because the conclusion of exploratory essays is bit different from the conventional one. There is no use of authoritative statement in the conclusion; this is the reason students get confused while writing an exploratory essay, rather, we can call this essay an information portal on a specific topic.

There are many characteristics of an exploratory essay which sets them apart from the rest, in these types of essays; students conduct a level of inquiry to provide solutions for different problems. Therefore, let’s examine those unique characteristics that might help you write exploratory essays.

Important feature of exploratory essays:

1- The biggest thing that distinguishes exploratory essays from the rest is that, in exploratory essays the writer has to focus more exploratory essay topics and essay question instead of the thesis statement as oppose to the other types of essay writing.

2- There are two types of writing style or approaches when writing exploratory essays, they are as follows

a- Introspective style of writing: introspective strategy also called as self-examining strategy requires proper prompt and immediate processes.

b- Retrospective style of writing: Retrospective strategy requires a clever use of facts and figures to demonstrate the research work.

3- Exploratory essays, as the name indicates are fully based on the research work and there is no room of personal point of views in it. The essay question is answered through the concrete research work along with the proper documentation of resources.

4- Exploratory essays are more inclined towards abstract or theoretical work rather than facts and figures. This is why; all the questions utilized in the research process are open-ended and rhetorical. For this reason, much importance is stressed on the quality of the research material and the content of the exploratory essay.

5- The student should also provide the suggestions and recommendation for the further research work in the end of the essay, also underlining the strengths and weaknesses of the recommendations. The suggestions should also be based on the research work as much as possible.

Some tips:

1- If you are assigned to write essay of exploratory nature, then you should make sure that you are using all the authentic resources for the research work in exploratory essays.

2- Whatever the topic has been assigned to you, make sure you ask your teacher before using the resources in your essay.

3- Properly document all the resources so that you are not blamed for plagiarism.

Hence, you can go through the preceding characteristics of exploratory essays and understand what it is all about. You can also read the tips for writing exploratory essays to further improve the quality of it. Final words of advice are to consult your teacher in case if you don’t understand anything or don’t understand how to research for the essay, it is highly recommended that you ask the citation style from the teacher because different colleges have different standards.

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