What Images Are Perfect For Sports Team Logo That Should Look Intimidating?

  Tam Becker    March 24, 2012    919


For a sports team, their logo is everything.

It is the first image that the opponents view before meeting the team. If that symbol succeeds in intimidating their challengers, then the battle is half won.

In a sports team logo, the image that you want to create should be intimidating and daunting. It should represent the fierce aggression that the players feel. It should demand respect when it is viewed by the opponents.

Let's look at a few ideas how your squad can win a battle through their brand mark before it has even begun.

1. Use images of fierce animals:

One way to do that is to use fierce animals in the sports logo. But this world is filled with wild and fierce animals. Which one should you pick? Choose an animal that represent the same attributes as your squad. If you are trying to create a monogram for an underwater game, then use an animal that lives in the sea. If your activity is related to speed on land, then pick an animal which depicts the same.

Let's look at a few ideas:

a. Wild Cats:

Nothing says speed, elegance and style like images of wild cats. You can use an illustration of cheetah, leopard, lion or panther to show the viewers that you are here to hunt and you're going to hunt in style.

Does your sport require style with strength and speed? Then this is the animal for you.

b. Bull:

Bulls are fierce, aggressive and determined. When they set their eyes on a target, nothing can deter them from it. Does that seem like the qualities that your athletes depict? Then why not use a bull in your sports brand mark?

c. An eagle or hawk:

In USA eagle is a symbol for justice, fairness and strength. An eagle or a hawk is known as patient predators with very sharp visions. They are the only birds that love storm and thunder. If your team loves danger and is known to play with fairness and fierce determination in the field, then this is the animal that should represent you.

d. Shark:

Ever since a certain popular horror movie, sharks have been the most feared animals in the world. Their elegant grace and speed under water coupled with their bone crushing jaws can make this fish an object of anyone's nightmares. Is your game related to water? Can you proudly call yourself a silent predator under water?

Then this is the animal for you.

2. Use image of Lightening:

Lightening is nature's way of saying that it has the power of destroying you whenever it wishes. It is mysterious, magical and forceful. Nature may decide to have mercy on you or may choose to demolish you as it sees fit.

Does this look like I'm describing your players?

Then this is the perfect new team logo for you.

Hence, instead of making your logo design boring and monotonous by using simple text, why not use fierce figures to intimidate your opponents even before they step onto the field.

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