What are the Features of Academic Writing?

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Academic writing is a particular style of formal writing and expressive. It is third person and writing formal tones. It gives a clear view on the subject. In this form of writing, choose words very formal and precise. Academic writing are of different types, such as:

·    Academic review writing
·    Academic essay writing
·    Academic paper writing
·    Academic thesis writing
·    Academic report writing
·    Academic research writing
·    Academic term paper writing

Here are some features of academic writing:

* Complexity: The spoken language is relatively easier than the written language. To write academic work, you must use the correct vocabulary and grammar high, because in comparison with spoken language written language is grammatically more complex.

* Precision: It is necessary to academic writing gives the precise facts and accurate figures.

* Accuracy: The use of correct and precise vocabulary is very important to do academic writing. Not to be confused with words that has the same meaning.
* Objectivity: Avoid using personal goal, the goal of academic writing is to emphasize the information and arguments you want made. People want to know what you learned from your studies, not what you think.
* The reason and evidence: The use of reason and evidence in their academic writing is important, it shows whether you are accepting or rejecting their research. References are used to refer to the work of experts, while the evidence used to support the point of view.
* Well organized: Your academic writing should be well organized, so it is easy to understand for the reader.

* Formality: Avoid informal words; your academic writing should be formal writing.

While writing your academic work, you must follow certain features. Above are some characteristics of high quality academic writing. Academic study and writing is not easy, students must be careful when writing academic work, because it is one of the significant features of the academic career of students.

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