What Are The Factors That Make Illustrative Logos Design Unique And Enthralling?

  Tam Becker    December 2, 2011    1547


What are your plans to wear in the party tonight? Obviously you will head towards any shopping mall to buy some latest designed outfit since you don’t want to look like a fashion disaster.

We are living in a materialistic society where everyone wants to have that big Mercedes Benz or Paris Hilton dress she wore in Golden Globe awards. Trends changes with time and we have to change with it. I think this also holds true for graphic design industry as well.

There are many logo genres available for the clients at present offered by various graphic designer companies out of which one is illustrative logos design.

So, let me tell you what are these logo types all about?

These brand marks are multifarious and comprehensive than the other design types. They actually possess pictorial presentation which exhibits various features of a company in a stylish way. These designs sometimes present the name of the company as well. They are considerably more interesting and enthralling than the others.

They are mostly preferred for cartoon channels or kids program or something that is related to the kids because these types of graphics are generally very alluring for the children. Illustrative brand marks can never be boring for the viewers even designed carelessly. The pictorial representation is itself very alluring for the viewers. However, there are certain features then one has to adhere in order to effectively come up with a perfect brand mark.

Have a look on some of these important features necessary to culminate an illustrative business identity.

Color scheme:

Colors are the most vital part of these corporate brand marks for the reason that they attract the viewers of every age particularly when kids are your target market. Think of the big brands, they have used colors in such a way that when even a part of its brand mark is visible, the company’s name can easily be recognized. So, if you have noticed them well, you will find out that they generally possess multi-color scheme to make it more interesting and eye-catching.


What should be the style of these brand identities? When pictorial representation comes, people don’t bother about the style so let me inform you it is rather the backbone of illustrative logo designs. By styling these brand marks, we mean using an artistic hand to cultivate it which suits the essence of a company.


Fonts are the key to success and failure of such brand marks. I meant to say is that usually, graphic designers prefer using over stylish fonts in these corporate identities which looks so cluttered that the viewers are unable to understand what it is saying. Therefore, they have to make sure that fonts used are clear and understandable as people don’t have enough time today to spend their precious time over reading text on a logo.

Hence, if you will use the above feature suggestions for designing your business brand mark then you will surely be able to draw the attention of your target audience towards it.

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