Website Development Process in 6 Easy Steps for Beginner

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Step 1:-Register your Domain Name & Web Hosting

If you have to set up any website you're going to start from two things

  1. Domain Name (Simply web address of your website like
  2. Web Hosting(Connect your site to the internet )

A domain name is like an online address, hosting is in order to save you all information like the web page, images, banners, content, etc. Without web hosting all data or websites not visible on the internet. To find all the over internet you need some name, domain name just like that.

Step 2:- Project Planning

It refers to the overall requirement of the whole web development project. it is the most important stage in development here to understand the objective & flow of the website. here further point we are divided

  1. Requirement Assessment — Demand assessment refers to looking for the precise necessities of the web site. This includes decisive the target market, web site goals, elaborate options, and alternative similar data concerning the web site.

  2. Project outline — Project summary sums up the website’s necessities. The document is usually brief and is a point of reference throughout the online development method.

  3. Determining needed Resources — The project drafting board additionally defines the package and alternative resource necessities for the web site project. during this step, any third party media desires are known. All of the resource necessities are then else to the budget of the project.

  4. Key performance goals — the web site drafting board additionally involves decisive key performance goals. Project deadlines, budgeted prices, and page speed are a number of the web site style and development goals that are set at this stage.

  5. Competitor Analysis — Finally, this stage additionally involves conducting contestant analysis. that are the rival businesses of your website? what percentage of guests will visit the website? what is going to be their bounce rate? alternative vital things that are thought-about at this stage embody visual stigmatization, the decision to action, navigation, and layout.

Step 3:- Project Scope

The next stage of the design process includes determining project scope. Creating a well define the scope of the project will help in ensuring that the website project ends on time and within the specified budget. One of the best ways to delineate the scope of the project is through a Gantt chart. A Gantt chart offers a visual reference for the project. The chart shows the activities involved in the project. It also shows the timeframe for the completion of each stage. It helps in specifying the scope of the project. Moreover, it also creates accountability between the website design team. After we decide all thing we have to draw the website development flowchart that clears all image of your imagination of website

Step 4:- Website Structure

During this stage website, designers work on various elements of a website like a logo, template, theme, relevant banner as per services that all reflect company portfolio, It matters for a good website it is your online presence & first impression of your business. A website designer will focus on website layout, colors feature that all are relevant to the services of a website owner. They are multiple template site available for website design templates easily available all types of templates for each website. will create more than one prototype & sent to the website owner after the confirmation of design next step will be processed

Step 5:- Website Development

In this web development stage, the website development company takes individual components of the website and uses them to form a useful website. The stage involves developing a home page once that a “shell” is made for the inside pages. The shell contains a guidance structure and website layout while not the net content. Once the web site owner provides the content, it’s distributed throughout the positioning within the fixed areas. On the technical facet, the web site development method includes components like coming up with interactive contact forms, implementing payment gateways, and selecting a CMS (content management system) like WordPress, Joomla, and Magento.

After the CMS the next process installs all plugin related to SEO it also the most important part for a website if you have ranked your website on google better position on SERP the improve your title, descriptions, keyword as per your services you have to insert in a website.

Step 6:- Testing & Deployment

It is the final stage of website development, in this step we have test each & every functionality of the project, here to test the smoothness of the website how it works without any interruption. Website runs on various platform and checks its responsiveness, how it displays, all internal links are working properly & other same. The website developer will also validate the website codes to ensure that it meets the latest website standards. This ensures that the website performs smoothly without any issues and problems.

The website is then shown to its site owners to get the final approval of the website. once the ultimate approval, it’s time to deliver the website. the net style team can transfer the website on a hosting server fixed and chosen by the web site owner exploitation an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) program. once the website has been uploaded to the hosting server, a final run-through is conducted to confirm that the website performs with none drawback. This step is performed just to validate that every one the files have been uploaded properly, which the website is absolutely purposeful.


On a final note, you should know that the web development process takes a lot of time and effort. Designing a visually appealing website that stands out from the competition is an uphill task. But the rewards are certainly greater than the effort, cost, and time required to craft a beautiful website.

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