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Creating your own website gives you a space in the World Wide Web that you can utilize to achieve your purpose. Whether you’re starting a blog, setting up an online shop, or promoting a particular business, building your own website takes time and skills. While you can do it on your own, there are many available options for website builders that are out there that can create a website that matches your requirements and available resources. 


To help you decide whether to hire a developer or do it yourself, you have to look at several factors such as budget, how much time you have, available resources, and most importantly, your own technical capabilities. The best website builders offer a program that are fairly simple to operate, but ask yourself whether you can handle this type of work, or would much rather leave it to the hands of an expert web developer? One must also remember that a website needs to be maintained and updated regularly, so once again, assess your capacity to handle the task of maintaining the site on a regular basis. 

Also take into consideration your available resources. How much funds do you have? Can you build a website in-house and develop the skills of existing employees to save on money? There are website builders that can make web development easy because of the features that are easy to operate such as drag and drop, but in the long run, this can cause you to focus more on the technical aspects of the website rather than its business side. And if left in the hands of amateurs, your site will take longer to develop and launch, rather than if you avail of a professional website builder. 


Given the above considerations, here are some simple and easy steps in website-building. 

Choose your website builder program – this is the platform where you develop your site and it can be a website builder or a CMS. Both employ drag and drop qualities that make content creation a simple process, like creating a Word document. holds more information to this platform.

Choose a domain name – this is your website’s name or the address that your visitors type in the URL to find you. A domain name should be unique and catchy so that it’s easy for people to remember you. An annual fee is paid up to a registrar to secure a name, but just because you have one, it doesn’t mean that you already have a website. Think of it as a business registration, where registering your name doesn’t automatically mean that your business or shop is already set-up. Also, you need to identify a relevant hosting option and you can check this with your domain provider if they act as a web host. 

Create a website – this is stage where you get to plan the content of your website and that means conceptualizing the design, layout, and other elements to fit your brand, identity, and message. Website builders offer a wide array of design templates to suit any preference.

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