Ways to make money from Indian Commodity Market and Financial Market , using the MCX tips and NCDEX Tips

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So, you are looking into ways of making money on the Internet? Aren't we all, and it seems very hard to find the winning strategy for trading in Commodities Markets
Worldewide . I have a recipe for you to be the best Indian Finanacial Market trader and win the market on your side with almost all your trades .  Everyone trying to make money online is trying to make something, with nothing or rather a very little. This will never work for obvious reasons if you can look at things objectively. You have to have something to be able to make something. Simple as that. If you invented the Ipod, great, you are a millionaire 100 times over (they just sold their 100 millionth copy).

The venture capital companies or business angels, that put up the core investment in the company to realize the product. Every company with a strong product must capitalize their company to get the first product on the market, and the VC companies makes a ridicules amount of money on seed funding and startups because they are the source of funds for the entrepreneurs with the product, the next cool product.

Commodity tips or MCX tips as I say, that you have to figure out the next super cool product or service? No. I am saying you should try to get in on the VC level with your investments, since they have the largest leverage on the capital. If you buy a stock today, for $10 a share, and if it went up to $12, it would be great, but what if you bought the same stock for 30 cents and sold it for $12?

Well, it is not easy to be a VC, since it requires access to a lot of money, money we first must earn. But what if you got a chance to add a small investment to a pool that would do seed and startup funding, and take the gigantic percentage increase from the stock on your money directly?

Let's assume there is a company trying to get a funding of $3,000,000 for getting the product out there, and selling 49 percent of the company's equity for 30 cents a share, would you take the risk of a 3000 dollar investment to own shares in that company if the product and idea is good?

I would. And I did. On one particular investment I went from an investment of $4000 and made the exit at the IPO (when everyone else was getting in) I sold my shares for $2,5 each, and I bought them for 10 cents

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