Ways To Avoid Being Scammed By A Pest Control Company!

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Can Your Pest Control Company Respond to All these 7 Questions?

1: Am I allowed to speak directly with the business owner?

Communication could be the key to an excellent experience. You need your pest management corporation to hear the needs you have, clearly show you their particular solution and implement the idea. Ideally, a corporation owner performs your service. Consequently removing middle managers faceless bureaucracy in addition to inflexible policies. Usually clients are happier once they discover a community pest management specialist performing the work individually, or at least directly managing every last specialist.

2: May I stop service whenever I want to or do I have to sign some sort of one year contract?

If a organization insists on a one year contract, run the other way! There is certainly no good reason to be locked into an agreement you don’t need. Nevertheless not all issues may be fixed in a single visit and routine defensive management is most beneficial, but you need to be in a position to cease service without penalty anytime. Find a pest control company willing to earn your support with each and every service.

3: Will the salesperson call on me personally?

Do not endure sales staff and their high pressure tactics. A qualified Brisbane pest control expert should understand your area well enough to supply you with a plan of action and a no cost quote right on the phone. A firm should not need a sales representative to provide precisely what customers want; effective, reasonably priced, warm and friendly pest management.

4: Is there an unconditional money-back guarantee?

Insist upon an unconditional, money-back guarantee. You should not have to pay for services that don’t make you happy. A trustworthy company will go back a second or third time at no cost to establish control. Should you still aren’t happy; they need to return whatever you paid out for the last service.

5: Are they certified by the Pest Control Board?

It is unlawful to offer pest control services in a structure until you are licensed. Every company and every individual specialist must complete thorough instruction and standards to maintain a license. They must bring their own permit with them and also show this to you in the event you so ask. A person might check out the State Pest Control Board’s website to find out if there have been any violations by a licensee. Make sure you are not working with an unlicensed, unqualified, uninsured, un-bonded and un-trustworthy company.

6: Exactly how successful is your service?

A number of companies either do not know or won’t let you know just how often they’ve got to go back to do a free warranty service, however you should ask anyway. We have seen many reports in the national pest control industry publications that talk about re-treatment rates of 20% or more! This is quite a bit of interruption when it happens to you.

7: How long have you been operational?

With many companies you will get a secretary or salesperson who has no idea of the history and also original vision of the corporation. That is simply depressing. Utilizing smaller family businesses not only are you going to get the history of the organization, you may additionally be able to call them with questions you have regarding additional subjects like bee removal, wildlife control, how to get rid of lizards infestation etc.

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