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Uses of antenna

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Antennas are electronic devices used to transmit and receive radio signals. Antenna is an arrangement of aerial electrical conductors. Heinrich hertz discovered antennas in 1888. For the first time he used the antennas to prove the existence of electromagnetic waves. The antennas convert radio frequency electrical current into an electromagnetic wave. Antennas are can also be called as an arrangement of conductors generating a radiating electromagnetic field in response to an applied alternating voltage and the associated alternating electric current. The antennas do not create additional radio frequencies they just redirect the radio frequencies available from the transmitter and send them in various directions.

Types of antennas:

There are many types of antennas available. Omni directional antennas, single directional antenna, multi directional antennas, small directional antennas, medium multi directional antenna, large multi directional antenna are some of the types of directional antennas. There are antennas depending on the frequencies of signals. Some of the examples are Long wave or low frequency antennas, short wave and high wave frequency antennas.

Uses of antenna:

Antennas have a wide range of usage. Antennas act as a line of sight between the transmitting and reception aerial for directional services. They are used in almost all the electronic devices. They can be located with in the systems or outside the system. They are used in systems such as radio, and television broadcasting, radio communicators, radar, and space communications.
The antennas can also be used under water, through soil, and rock to certain frequencies of short distance. The basic use of an antenna is to transmit and receive radio waves. When an antenna is tilted to a horizontal position gets much better and down coverage. The multi directional antennas are useful in areas where there are no proper signals. When an antenna is place at a high position is more useful because there will be a proper reception of signals. Antennas are used in radar systems to detect foreign signals. These are mainly used in defense areas. The small directional antennas are used where there is a small place. They are easy to fix and carry.
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