Unique Features of Web 2.0 Logo Design Which Sets Them Apart From Regular Designs

  Tam Becker    February 1, 2012    787


What is web 2.0?

The term is widely used for web applications particularly which reinforces interoperability, information sharing etc. This phenomenon is around since 2003 which emphasizes on the interaction between users from all around the world using social media dialogue in a virtual community. On the other hands, websites which are not of this form serves with very little user intractability.

Now what is a web 2.0 logo design made of?

Obviously the brand mark identities created for such kind of websites will be of web 2.0 nature. It focuses on the relationships existing over the internet. Therefore, we can say that notable web based communities can be an essential part of this phenomenon.

Social networking websites like Facebook and MySpace are scaling the heights of success because of such an extensive worldwide interaction. Not only that, they also provide a venue for the promotion of various businesses to enhance their online presence. Moreover, there are so many online businesses being operated through this medium.

This is why; we can see thousands of social networking websites over the internet today which has also enhanced a need to improve their promotional and marketing strategies. A brand mark identity for these social networking platforms act as a multipurpose device. It not only help them present their website to the world but also market it to the world of target audience.

What is the technical definition of this brand mark?

This new technology involves the use of Ajax and ruby which are especially meant for web applications. The characteristics or common features that make them unique in comparison with the other are:

They are bright colored:

By and large, they consist of bright colors such as blue, white, orange, pink etc. These colors tend to reflect how active the intractability will be on their social networking platform.

They use reflexions:

Reflexions are the shadows which are artfully incorporated in such a brand mark identity. This is considered to be the best quality which sets it apart from the rest of the regular logo designs.

They use 3D effects:

Another unique quality of these brand marks are that they can show 3D effects to the viewers to make it look more interesting and alluring.

They use burnished surfaces:

The main purpose of such a corporate identity is to attract a viewer in the first glance. This is why; graphic designers put in every effort they can to come up with an attractive brand mark. The use of burnished surfaces works as an added attraction.

Due to such an extensive demand, most of the people also go with web 2.0 logo maker for it is almost free and you don't need to use your brain in it but if a brand mark you are creating is not up to the mark, creative and of high quality then you can imagine what will be the repercussions.

Therefore, you need to understand what common features of such a corporate identity before you go out and get it.

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