Types of ribbons and their functions

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One of the most interesting ribbon applications makes hair bows and hair clips. What many do not know is that there are many different types of bands; Thick tape, wide, colorful and thin. There are a variety of different hair accessories that use all kinds of different types of ribbon.


this ribbon is most wanted and demanded in on-line stores. this it is very heavier and thicker. grosgain ribbon always made by nylon,cotton and synthetic materials. the ribbon is torn and often occurs in different colors, generally solid, striped or printed patterns. This ribbon is ideal for scrap booking, because it keeps it thick and easy on Scrap Booking paper. The grosgrain is often used as hair material bends more elaborate. it is mainly used in wedding function and also hairstyle designing.

Satin Ribbon :

this is very famous ribbon. It is made up of premium fabric so it gives a royal looks in wedding function. However, satin ribbon is lightweight and shiny, a special satin ribbon, a satin ribbon satin finish on both sides instead of the usual unilateral surface. This band is for clothing, accessories or satin ribbon in hair.

Double Ruffle Ribbon:

Double flywheel is nice. Usually it has a single satin it is centered face with a nice ribbon on both sides of satin. The resulting appearance is a bright satin center with double-sided tape on the outside, from which the name. This band is used to make fairy hair bows or a personal feed on clothes.

Ribbon Organza:

This ribbon is especially appreciated and its looks very pretty. it mostly used in wedding dresses, high sewing tunic, embroidery, hair bows, and even wedding invitations. Organza ribbon is always made by nylon and when needed for a formal occasion, it is also made of silk. Organza is a very light band that is transparent in the center with edges outward together. That this band is very feminine achieved. Are available with hundreds of colors, your choice of style you want to achieve.

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