TV antenna amplifiers

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Amplifier is an electronic device using transistors or electron tubes. This is used to produce and amplification of an electrical signal. It also increases and restores the strength of the signals passing through it. It involves the controlled conduction of electrons especially in a gas or vacuum or semiconductor. An amplifier uses a small amount of energy to control a large amount of energy. An audio amplifier increases the amplitude of reproduced sound. It is used as a communication system in public areas. It also acts as a reproducer in which two microphones feed two or more loudspeakers to give a three dimensional effect to the sound. The general characteristics of an amplifier are gain, output dynamic range, and bandwidth and rise time, setting time and aberrations, slew rate, noise, efficiency, linearity. There are many types of amplifiers like, video amplifiers, distributed amplifiers, microwave amplifiers, transistor amplifier, and vacuum tube amplifier.

TV antenna amplifiers:

TV antennas are built in low noise amplifiers. The antenna amplifier portion is mounted close to the TV antenna. It should be located, as such the power supply remains indoor. The outdoor amplifier is located near the TV antenna. This is the place where the signal can be amplified before the signal line loss occurs. The power supply supplies electricity to the amplifier. An antenna amplifier provides good reception of signals. The amplifier will not create a signal. They include power inserter and coax cables. The TV antenna amplifiers are designed to suit all the types of weathers.

Advantages of TV antenna amplifiers:

The TV antenna amplifiers help to overcome signal loss related to long cable runs, splitters and junctions. The amplifier is helpful in increasing the power and minimizing the disruptions. They provide maximum noise figure. The digital amplifier amplifies a digital HDTV signal. The amplifier helps in preserving signal strength when passive splitters are used. Many of the TV antenna amplifiers are capable of both UHF and VHF. They have high input impedance and low output impedance. The amplifier mounted outdoors near the antenna improves the reception. The indoor amplifiers are used to compensate the loss incurred in signal splitters.

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