Tricks used by Chefs that will simplify your life

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It doesn’t matter if it is a professional chef in his elegant chef coat or a trainee cook in his chef apron, they all do it. However, we too can learn a thing or two from these chefs to make our lives in our home kitchens much easier.

These hacks include:

  • Tenderizing beef – Marinade the beef in mayonnaise before cooking in order to make it softer.

  • Leftover maize – Leftover maize can be used in salads by cutting the grains with a sharp knife.

  • Separating egg yolks – Using a plastic bottle you can easily separate egg yolks from the whites.

  • Saving an oversalted soup – Dipping a tablespoon with a sugar cube on it into the soup and repeating it until the oversaltiness of the soup is settled.

  • Mashed potatoes and milk – Cold milk cause mashed potatoes to become grey in color. The best is to use hot milk to give the potatoes a creamy look.

  • Preserving the flavor and freshness of a dish – Heat the plate when serving a hot dish and cool them before serving a cold dish to keep the food fresh and flavorful.

  • Freezing wine – Freeze wine in an ice cube maker to preserve them for using in your cooking.

  • Keeping vegetables and greens fresh – Keep green vegetables and greens fresh for longer by wrapping them in foil before storing them.

  • Reheating pizza – Reheating pizza in a saucepan rather than baking it again retains the flavor of the pizza.

  • Avocados – Keep cut avocados fresh and green by sprinkling apple vinegar in them and storing them with cut onions.

  • Keeping bread fresh – Keep a piece of cut apple in the bread box to keep bread fresh for longer.


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