Trend Analysis of Penny Stocks on the Move

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Pennystock WatchmanRather than just throw meaningless figures and graphs at you, our all new Trend Analysis of penny stocks on the move does a reality check in plain vanilla English! We write in words you can understand and present you the low down on some of the penny stocks that have been riding the rollercoaster in the past week or so.

Here then is our current awesome penny stocks on the move.

World Moto Inc. (FARE): Trading 110.53% higher, FARE has been one of the top gainers at mid-day trading today.

Doing a trend analysis of FARE, we note that World Moto Inc. is a manufacturer of taxi meters. FARE penny stocks were trading at $0.142 on volume of 104.62 million. The daily average volume was 223,901. Digging deeper, we could not find any significant reason why penny stocks of FARE should rise. Stock Market Forums claimed the rise was on account of a new updated website which would be the key to the company doing well in the near future. The claim we felt, does not hold water.

If you are planning to invest in FARE strong caution is advised.

AMR Corp. (AAMRQ). Earlier, we had listed AMR Corp. in our trending penny stock list – and for good reason too. For those who might not be aware, AMR Corp. is the parent company of American Airlines. Our current trend analysis of stock market on the move shows that over the past week, AAMRQ penny stock shares have been gaining momentum. Adding to the impetus is the announcement that its partnership with LATAM Airlines Group will not only continue but that the ARM and LATAM have inked code share agreements with LAN Colombia and TAM.

Currently, AAMRQ continues to ride high and is now 7.76% higher at $0.847 (3.21 million). The recent announcements by the company have resulted in its good penny stocks gaining nearly 30% over the previous 3 sessions and its overall rise in the past two weeks is roughly 47%.

Our trend analysis of penny stocks on the move indicates that AAMRQ will continue to ride high in the week ahead.

Live Wire Ergogenics Inc. (LVVV): We’ve been observing LVVV for over a week now and this company’s penny stocks have been swinging from one end to another - fluctuating between gains and losses in mid-day trading.

Live Wire Ergogenics Inc manufactures energy supplements that are primarily aimed for the US market. Last week the company announced the release of an in-depth initiation report by Patrick Murphy, CFA.

Although, it is a fee-based report consisting on an analysis of the market and Live Wire’s position in it, the report itself highlights the strengths of the company which we felt, was not all that bad.

More lately, its penny stocks have been trading lower by almost 9% but overall, it is still almost 100% better than it was at the beginning of the week.

We feel Live Wire definitely has long term potential.

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