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Netherlands is a country characterized by great museums, art galleries, beautiful landscape and a uniqueculture. These features are keyto attracting tourist to this country. For instance, during 2014 13.9 million foreign tourists visited the country. Most of these tourists came from European countries, with Germany being at the forefront.  Netherlandsis relatively flat gives tourists the chance to enjoy sightseeing by use of bicycles. Most communities within the region prefer pedal-power and will even provide bikes at no cost.

Lots of uncertainties about where you should visit characterize touring a new area. In some instance, tourist ends up missing to visit the most exciting areas. The best thing with touring Netherlands is that will provide you with some of the must see places. They also give you an easy manner of booking some of the placeswhich they have featured. All you have to do is select a location, place your order, print the ticket which you will receive a ticket through the email, print this and finally visit the selected area during your tour.

The best thing about the site is that they even feature top deals available within a given period. Top deals give tourist the chance to visit some of the best areas within a region. The following include some of the top deals, whichhave been featured.


This is a park which is 60 years old and one of the best places to visit when in Netherlands. In this park, you will find lots of colors and décor, particularly during spring. It has more than 7 million flowers giving tourist the possibility to have a different background for every photograph they take.


This is Holland’s national museum, which is dedicated to history and art. This museum has undergone ten years of renovation and currently has one of the richest collections, which consist of 1 million objects. About 8000 are on display in the museum. By visiting this museum, a visitor gets the chance to revisit the Dutch history and more. Their masterpiece includes the night watch, self-portrait among others.

The Amsterdam Dungeon

This is one of the places which showcase Amsterdam’s history of over 500 years in one unique experience. Tourist gets to laugh and scream at the same time. The experiment, which you will gain from this, will range from scream, laugh, witches and magic. You should always beware of creatures, which can pop up and chase you. This is a must visit place whenever you are in Netherlands. The thrill associated with this place is a have when in Netherlands

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