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We have a plan to trip was Valparai and topslip, located in the Western Ghats near Pollachi.the trekking was arranged by one of the best tour operators in Coimbatore, they are TOURWILD tour operators they give us fabulous trip in valparai here we go we explain briefly.

Valparai: Valparai is a hill station in the area Anamalai mountain about 64 km from Pollachi in Tamil Nadu.

Top slip: top slip is about 35 km from Pollachi. It is the popular visitor center of the Anamalai. Anamalai is one of the largest nature reserves in the country with about 900 square meters of forest area. Top slip is also the gate to the neighbor Parambikulam Shrine in Kerala.

 Me and friends (jai, boobesh, Santhosh and mani) had planned to spend one night in the top slip and visit the nature reserve and Valparai Anamalai. We called the Wildlife Reserve in Pollachi to book a top slider pension. They immediately told us that "all" are reserved for VIP pensions. Well, this is a problem in all government pensions branches of the government. Most of the time, are reserved for "VIP". Or must plan in advance by writing a letter and sending the month DD forward or have "connections" with the VIP to receive booked rooms. If not, take a risk and go to the place where the officials to wait for a VIP until the last second before you enter the room. We, the people neither had the opportunity to plan a trip in advance or were related to the types of people VIP. Finally, we decided TOURWILD operators have own cottage so we can stay in cottage one of the best advantage of this tour operators.

 The trip:

We arrived at 7am in Valparai and we arrived the cottage, arranged by tourwild. We have a break for a couple of hours.

The first goal was the Athirapally waterfalls. There was confusion regarding the removal of the fall of Valparai. The site reported that I mentioned distance as 50 km. We started at 11am. On the road, about 20 km, was the Sholayar-1 dam.

Kerala border was near to dam. I've seen so far that the dense rainforest crosses Kerala after the road crosses. The road is not too short and in good condition. No vehicle was found several kilometers. After an hour in the forest we met the Sholayar-2 Dam. It is in the middle of a green forest far from civilization.

We seemed never to end up in the forest to continue operating. There were occasions when the vehicle fell on the fallen trees. Elephant dung was everywhere.

Finally, after about 2.5 hours in the jungle, we had another test and five kilometers away, we came to the Aigar School. The total distance was 100 kilometers, and we spent about 4 hours to cover that distance. Pollachi and Palakkad and Salakudai are another way to get there.

After a late lunch in a hotel, we went to a waterfall. It's a beautiful way down the waterfall. Then we went to the top of the people who fell down in the water. We enjoyed cold water for a while. This thing is very popular to have a circle of pictures and films.

Above awesome trip was conducted by our TOURWILD tour operator, thank you so much to Tourwild.

Contact: 9715174646


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