Top Ways to Get Paid for Funny Pictures Online

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Love to take pictures? Well, did you know that you can get paid for dog pictures or even celebrity pictures? With the advent of cam phones, taking pictures nowadays is a breeze. You can now easily get into the habit of taking photos and earn from them. You do not have to be a professional to earn from this. All you need to do is find certain online avenues where pictures can be sold. Professional or not, there are many ways to sell those pictures.

Stock Photography

There are many stock photography sites that allow you to upload and get paid for cat pictures or celebrity snapshots or any photos for that matter. Over the years, the number of stock photography websites double in numbers as the demand for freelance graphic designers and start-up design firms become more prolific online. Instead of hiring professional photographers costing a lot of money, these businesses rely on stock photos that only take as little as $5 for every downloaded image from these stock photography sites. Some stock photo websites, however, comes with an initial sign-up fee for you to sell while there are also others who offer their services for a cut on the proceeds. When choosing, always go for stock photo sites that offer the best incentives as well as honest account on the proceeds of photos posted by you on their site.

Online Magazine Sites

Some magazines also make use of photo contributions from the outside for a fee. Instead of using photos from professional photographers whose pay can be over-the-top, these magazines advertise on their website or on their regular circulars. This promos offer an incentive to its readers to send photos and get paid for them. Some magazines require photos of new recipes, undiscovered places, celebrity embarrassing images, and many more. 


Your Smartphone is not called smart for nothing. You can actually cash in your mobile photography these days via apps that allow you to upload pictures for free and then, earn from them. Think about Snapwire, Clashot, Scoopshot, Foap, Stylinity, Twenty20, and many more. Stop doing those selfies and take a snap of the wonderful scenery and people around you to earn money.

Paid Pictures Sites

Of course, the best way to get paid for celebrity pictures, pet photos, food, scenery and all other photos that interest you is to go to websites that specifically pay you outright cash for every photo you upload to their site. You can learn from their online tutorial or simply sign-up and earn cash right away. 
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John is a special education teacher whose love of photography never ceases through time and space. His hobby of taking pictures of anything that comes to focus from various places across the globe has opened up exciting possibilities for him. After discovering by accident that he can get paid taking photos of dogs, cats, babies, panoramas, flowers, trees, and for virtually anything under the sun, he decided to shift his career as an educator into photography and never turned his back ever since.

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