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The Selwyn Snowfields is just two hours away from the city of Canberra. With a small ski area, this resort is perfect for families and is more on an affordable note just like the snowboarding at Chile. If you want to learn or perfect the art of snowboarding, the Selwyn Snow Park is just right. If you don’t want to ski, just lean back and relax as you enjoy the explicit view of snow capped mountains.

Best Time to Visit

In Australia the winter season ideal or skiing begins in the month of June and ends by late October. Before heading to a particular ski resort, it is wise to find out about the prevalent weather conditions and the number of lifts present. If your mind is set on visiting Selwyn fields, come here through the Snowy mountain highway that begins at Talbingo from the west front and Adaminaby on the east front.

Snowboarding Report of Australia

At Selwyn snowfields, the elevation varies from one thousand four hundred and ninety two meters in the base to one thousand six hundred and fourteen meters at the top most portion with a vertical dip of hundred and twenty two meters. The skiable land in total amounts to forty five hectares and are open to a variety of snowboarders and skiers. There are about ten lifts for beginners and intermediate riders and seventeen trails. The lengthiest run is about eight hundred meters and fondly termed as the "Long Arm Run". Here, the race course run presents challenges to advanced snowboarders. Remember that night skiing may be dangerous unless of course, you are accompanied by a professional instructor.

Accommodation and Services

The Providence Portal Vacationer’s Village is the closet accommodation at Selwyn Snow Park. This is located on the upper side of Lake Eucumbene. Anglers Rerach and Adaminaby are good spots to camp as well. Popular facilities include public telephone facilities, rest rooms, information center and nursing rooms. If you want to learn skiing or snowboarding in New Zealand, just register your names at the snow sports schools where instructors are present to help you all the way. Now, thanks to the internet, you can book your trip in advance for incredibly low prices and even sign up for snowboarding lessons! Choose to pay via debit/credit cards or complete payment formalities after reaching the resort. Before doing this, confirm authenticity of your dealer to avoid catastrophes. Hurry up and impress your loved ones with a winter trip to Australia today!

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