Top five multi-platform mobile app development tools

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We all know how bothersome multi-platform mobile app formatting can get. Each platform is unique and provide different features, capabilities and behavior. But then, multi-platform apps are truly “in” today, so you need to find resolutions to develop the best cross-formatted apps, without wasting up all your resources on developing for just a couple of platforms at one time.
Luckily, there are some really great multi-platform developer tools in the market nowadays; using those one can easily accomplish this aim. Here is a list of the top 5 development tools for cross-formatting mobile applications.
RhoMobile - Offers Rhodes, which is an open-source framework based on Ruby. This authorizes the developer to create native apps, spanning over a stunning range of OS’ and smartphones. The OS’ include Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, iPhone and RIM, which pretty much covers it all. The framework supplied by RhoMobile is such that one only need to code once. This code can be used to build apps for most of the major smartphones. Native apps are great for working with available hardware, so your job gets done with ease, speed and accuracy.
RhoMobile also offers developers RhoHub, which is a hosted development environment, and RhoSync, which can be employed as a standalone server to keep all the app data current on the users’ handhelds.
PhoneGap - This platform utilizes standard web development languages such as HTML and JavaScript. PhoneGap allows the developer to work with device hardware features such as accelerometer, GPS/location, camera, sound and much more. PhoneGap additionally offers an Adobe AIR app and also online training courses to help the developer access native API’s and build mobile apps on its own platform.
Appcelerator- The Titanium Development Platform from Appcelerator, which incidentally has a formidable fan following in Twitter, ads the development of native mobile, tablet and desktop apps via web programming languages such as HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby and Python. It now powers over a 1,000 native apps per month.
The best thing about Titanium is that if gives users easy access to over 300 APIs and location information. Additionally, Appcelerator also offers customizable metrics for actions and events. Apps can be entirely hardware-based and all app data can be stored either in the cloud or on the device.
MoSync- MoSync yet another FOSS multi-platform mobile app dev SDK tool, is based on standard web programming. This SDK offers the developer integrated compilers, libraries, runtimes, device profiles and other useful tools. While support for JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Python and such other languages is planned, MoSync now includes Eclipse-based IDE for C/C++ programming.
MoSync offers support for several types of OS’, including Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian, Moblin and even a mobile Linux distro. Support for the iPhone OS and BlackBerry will be coming soon, after the release of MoSync 2.4.
WidgetPad – WidgetPad is a collaborative, open-source environment for development of smartphone apps. This program makes useof standard web technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3. Included in this platform are source code editing, collaboration, debugging, project management, versioning and distribution. WidgetPad, which is now in private beta, can be used to create apps for the iOS, Android OS and WebOS.
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