Top 5 In-Trend Front-End Frameworks in 2022

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Being a developer is not an easy job. Every day, you need to make critical decisions to deliver front-end projects satisfactorily. One of such decisions is choosing the best front-end development framework. Out of the 18 most popular frameworks, we have handpicked the top 5 for you so that you make your decision quickly. 

List of Top Frontend Framework in 2022

After a lot of research, we have compiled a list of top front-end frameworks in 2022, which will definitely help you to make the right decision. Following the list: 

#1: Angular.js 

Though Angular.js isn't the most popular front-end framework, it has got what others didn't. Let's see what makes it special.

Angular.js is the brainchild of Google. Google is responsible for maintaining and updating it. One of the world's famous tech giants is looking after it.

Amazing, right?

For the first time after 2016, it was updated recently. In the latest version, this front-end framework was ported into TypeScript, which makes it more consumable than ever.

Talking about the best feature of Angular.js is its code quality standards when it comes to single-page applications. Developers highly prefer it for the same purpose. Like any other framework, it has advantages and limitations, which are discussed below:

 Advantages of Angular.js

●     Easy to learn

●     Active community support

●     Abundant plugins

Limitations of Angular.js

●     Not SEO-friendly

●     Not degradable

 #2: React.js 

React.js is the most widely used front-end framework to develop web applications. It is the only real contender to Angular because it is also backed by a tech giant, namely, Metaverse (formerly Facebook).


Do you know what makes React.js so popular among developers? If not, don't worry. We are here for you.

Top features of React.js

1.   Full Stack - It enables app developers to code applications for server-side as well as client-side

2.   Cross-Platform - Apart from web applications, one can develop Android and iOS applications too.


Advantages of React.js

●     SEO-friendly

●     Plethora of plugins

●     Community support

Disadvantages of React.js

●     Continuous changing environment

●     Sluggish learning curve

#3: Vue.js  

Vue.js is another one of the best front-end frameworks; though not as popular as React.js or Anugular.js, it is all about utility. Unlike former ones, it is developed by independent developers. The best thing about Vue.js is that it is easy to learn and practice.

Even a novice developer can learn and develop a website. If you have tried your hands-on HTML, then you must be knowing that HTML has some limitations when it comes to complex processes. Vue.js has overcome those limitations, luckily.

Advantages of Vue.js

●     Lightweight

●     Comprehensive documentation

●     Two-way data binding

Disadvantages of Vue.js

●     Comparatively smaller community

●     Relatively fewer plugins

#4: jQuery

You will find dozens of articles on the internet claiming 'jQuery is outdated,' but the reality is the opposite. According to Statista, jQuery is the 2nd most popular front-end framework after React.js. In this framework, you don't require to write much code; that is the reason why it is easy to use.

 Advantages of jQuery

●     Community support

●     Detailed API documentation

●     Short learning curve

Disadvantages of jQuery

●     Large library to be downloaded.

#5: Svelte.js 

Svelte.js is another flower in the bokeh of JavaScript. Like other frameworks, it is also open-source. It is an ideal technology to build real-time apps because it is lightweight, efficient, and less coding is required relatively to develop apps. The intuitive and clever coding environment enhances code 'on the go' when it catches errors; hence, a developer with the basics of coding can learn and master this technology.

Advantages of Svelte.js

●     Best APIs

●     Compatible with all browsers

●     Animations are pre-enabled


Disadvantages of Svelte.js

●     Small community

●     No reliable support

Over to You

Each and every framework has pros and cons; at the end of the day, you need to decide what's the best front-end framework for you. If you are still indecisive, don't worry. We are here to help you. We, the best software development company, will help you out. You can also discuss your project with us.

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