Top 10 API Security Testing Tools For 2021

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API or Application Programming Interface is a collection of software functions and procedures through which other software apps can be accessed or executed. API testing deals in testing functionalities of various aspects of application. Each software or application will have various layers to provide functionality. Everything is internally connected but needs proper testing before an app launch. APIs connect various elements between layers of application. Many times, there will be three layers like, API layer, presentation layer and data layer. API layer consists of business logic of applications. It refers to the user interaction with the application and this is important in each application as it eases the user’s job. Difference between traditional and API testing is- it focuses more on UI and then focuses on multiple elements of application.

Why Should You Use API Testing Tools?

Tools offer many advantages over the manual process due to different reasons. There is a tough competition among tools. Many expert testers prefer to search for new tools to check options and features. API tools saves time and improve efficiency. So the use of testing tools is recommended for developers for better performance and productivity. 

Benefits Of Using API Testing Tools-

1. Eases Testing-

The continuous integration of different elements in apps is a threat to developers. It is necessary for a rigorous testing process to preclude bugs timely. API testing tools provide an easy testing method which is important to enjoy functionalities.

2. Easy Test Maintenance-

Developers save time in maintenance by using the right tool. It is vital to regularly maintain application as it helps in finding and removing bugs easily. Easy maintenance option attracts many experts in taking up the process.

3. Faster Resolution Time-

When you work on multiple projects, resolution time is important. Each software  development team prefers to go with easy and quick tools to manage effectively and better productivity. 

Top 10 API Security Testing Tools-

1. JMeter-

JMeter is used for functional API testing which incorporates needed to test an API. This tool works automatically with CSV files. Working with CSV files helps to generate unique parameter values for tests. This tool can be  used for both static and dynamic resources performance testing. Also, it supports replaying of test results.

2. Karate-

It was created by Intuit and offers API testing, API testing doubles and API performance testing all in a single framework. Karate also supports UI test automation- making it a valid, ed-to-end unified testing framework. It is easy to use even though you don’t have any Java knowledge. Karate allows testers to write meaningful tests for web service using domain-specific language. This tool allows re-use payload data and user-defined functions across tests.

Regular updates from tool makes it powerful with advanced features. Latest update comes with UI test automation, that makes it a complete package of testing framework. It supports configuration switching/staging, multi-threaded parallel execution

3. Fiddler-

This tool lets you monitor and reuse HTTP requests. It is best tool to perform testing related to application development protocols. Debugging process in Fiddler lets them remove website issues to a major extent. With this tool, behavior of web APIs can be figured out. It has an API test extension that can be used in various stages of the process. And is a good option to use with .NET languages.

4. Postman-

It is a plugin in google chrome and can be used to test API services. For manual or exploratory testing, Postman is good choice to test API.

  • One can write Boolean tests within Postman Interface
  • Also, one can create REST calls collection and save each call as a part of collection for future execution 
  • Postman is reliable for transmitting and receiving REST information
  • It is not a command line based tool, which makes this tool hassle free of pasting text into the command line window. 

5. Soap UI-

Soap UI is a well known tool for API testing, that allows you to test REST and SOAP APIs easily. It eases test creation by point and click, drag and drop functionality that makes complicated tasks simple. Also provides seamless integrations with 13 API management platforms, supports REST, SOAP, JMS and IoT. You can load data from Excel, files and database to simulate the way users interact with your APIs. With SoapUI it is possible to reuse your functional test cases as load tests and security scans in minimum clicks. Many popular companies like Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle , eBay uses SoapUI Pro.

6. Taurus-

It is an automation-friendly framework for continuous testing and can handle API testing as you can use it with JMeter. Taurus allow you to write tests in YAML, human-editable and readable approach that lets you describe a test in a simple test file. You can describe complete script in around 10 lines of text, which allows teams to describe their tests in either a YAML or JSON file. Tests in this tool are more easy to read and so easy to perform code reviews, as your test cases are written in YAML. This tool efficiently fits performance testing into CI/CD pipeline. Taurus provides a kind of abstraction layer on top of JMeter and other tools like Locust, Gatling, Selenium and Grinder. If team want to take more BDD-based testing approach for API testing efforts, then this tool is good to use.

7. TestMace-

It is a modern powerful cross platform tool to work with an API and create automated API tests. It’s well-organized project structure and human readable file format allows you to store project in control system repo and review tests and scenarios. This tool support advanced JS in built-in code editor, including autocomplete feature and static analyzer. It offers flexibility to evaluate expressions in any text field, address bar or headers area. One can create and test complex scenarios rapidly with this tool.

8. Hippie-Swagger-

This is one of the best api testing tools that supports a clear assertion syntax to extend test behavior. Also it allows clean printing reports. It has a validated parameters, request, response, pats etc . It will fail test whenever swagger documentation is erroneous or missing.

9. Insomnia-

It can create HTTP requests to improve the process in an effective way. So, it is a better option to choose while performing API security testing. Also Insomnia offers a great interface that enables us to organize tests without affecting other parameters.

10. Postwoman-

It is an alternative to Postman. Postman is a tool that has gained in popularity over the past few months. It’s clean and modern UI creates API requests easy and rapid. This tool has an ability to run everything online, and supports multiple platforms and devices. It has high customizability and ability to access it from anywhere.

You can also know best practices for API security at- 10 Best Practices For API Security That You Must Know.

Wrap up-

Each organization has different requirements and each tool has its own specifications. So must the key requirements of project before choosing the best tool. If you are also using APIs, then you must know these tools for API security. If you’re confused to choose the best tool, consult with Solace experts.

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