Toilets on Rent: Need of the Hour

  Harshada Jadhav    May 13, 2016    625


Health is a subject that touches all stakeholders in a society. Governmental bodies, NGOs, general public and experts of social and scientific communities always strive to improve standard of people’s health. Important key factors in community health are sanitation and its importance in daily life. Awareness about maintaining personal hygiene adds to general improvement in sanitation norms in a society. General well being of a community or society essentially depends on health standards of individuals.

Every family can have their own norms of sanitation through proper use of toilets. However,  whenever a large number of individuals assemble outdoors for long hours, a need is felt to have adequate number and type of toilets. In such cases, permanent toilet is an impracticable solution. Ideally a temporary solution can be found through use of portable toilets on rent, in such situations. Now most agencies have realized that such portable toilets on hire offer best available way out to deal with such temporary requirements. The most important aspect of the solution is the ease of portability. Toilets on rent can be transported in required numbers to the desired locations. Peoples’ gatherings at outdoor locations for longer durations can take place without worrying for their sanitation needs.

The emergence of newer versions of portable toilets on hire has also given additional options for choice. Many variants are available with service providers. Organizers of events can have many combinations of the portable toilets on rent, to suit their requirement. This trend of availing such system needs to be encouraged to facilitate achieving better standards of personal hygiene and community sanitation. More research can go into this subject, as the advantages of these systems can certainly outweigh the monetary investments. New ideas can further alter the scenario to take community awareness to higher standards.

The concept of sanitation does not start or end with the presence of toilets. There are many aspects of general hygiene, which need to be addressed in a suitable manner. Storage and replenishment of adequate quantities of water in toilets, disposal of waste through proper systems are some of the important factors. Proper illumination and creation of odorless environ are other elements, which need to be given requisite attention. Many agencies dealing with toilets on rent have gained enough expertise in tackling all issues related to portable toilets on hire. Their skills in this field can be of great help in equipping portable toilets with efficient systems.

Lack of efficient sanitation solutions can result in lowering health standards in a society. Every member of society needs to be educated on the importance of personal and community hygiene through use of well maintained toilets. Efficient sanitation is viable by use of portable toilets on rent. General health parameters tend to show very positive improvements through observance of good sanitation practices. Outdoor camps, where scores of people are required to spend few days, find that usage of such system is very convenient. Overall the idea of toilets on rent needs to reach every thinking citizen, for success of creating healthy environment for benefit of society.

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