Tips To Clean Pool Filter Cartridges

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For many people pool filter cartridges are just another spare part of the pool filters; however, this is not true. A pool filter cartridge is one of the most essential in fact, is the main part of the filter. The entire functioning of the filter is supported by the cartridge. It collects all the dirt and thus, lets you enjoy clean water to swim. When these cartridges collect dirt and debris, then less amount of water is filtered. You need to clean the cartridge in order to make it work again. However, it has been noticed that the cartridges work for 6 months or so and after that you need to get a replacement filter cartridge handy. Still, a bit of extra attention towards the maintenance of these cartridges will make them last long.

Here are some simple tips to clean the pool filter cartridges, follow them and enjoy crystal clear water in your pool.

Wash off the large dirt particles
You need to wash the cartridge with clean water. Remember, while you wash the cartridge don’t put pressure on it, else you will end making the cartridge more dirty. The debris will flow into the cartridge with water pressure; thus, make sure you don’t do that. Simply and gently wash away the large dirt particles from the top of the cartridge.

Soak the cartridge in an alkaline based cleaning solution
Once the large particles of dirt have been removed from the cartridge, it’s time to work on the minute particles and oil. For the same, you need to soak the cartridge in an alkaline based cleaning solution. Make sure to soak the cartridge entirely in the solution from both the sides.

Rinse the cartridge with clean water
After completing the above mentioned two steps, wash the cartridge once again. This last wash will ensure that the cartridge is finally clean. Yet again, don’t get harsh on your cartridge by putting on the pressure. Gently wash the remaining debris.

With the final wash the cleaning process comes to an end. Your cartridge is now completely clean and all set to be reinstalled in the filter. The dirt free will filter the entire pool water with much effectiveness. One important thing, at times even after proper cleaning, the cartridges don’t work well. In that case you need to get replacement filter cartridges for your pool filter. Every cartridge comes with an expiry date and thus, you need to replace it after a certain interval of time.

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replacement filter cartridges
Before and After Cleaning a Pool Filter Cartridge

However, till the time you are using your old cartridges, you need to keep them in the best working condition. A little care is all that you need to do, after all it important to keep them clean for a longer service life.

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