Tips to Boost the speed of your WordPress Website

  Mark  Wilston    December 5, 2012    827


In this ever changing world, people leaving in this digital age are quite impatient. Browsing a slow site can irritate them. If a website suffers from slow speed or high load time, it is quite possible that visitor immediately left your site and switch to competitor's site. Hence a slow responding website can lead to less number of visitors which in result decrease your search engine rankings.

Now the question rises here is, how to make your WordPress website faster? Here we have a listed a few tips that can help you in boosting the speed of your WordPress website. Check them out:

Use Optimized Images :
Images are one of the most important part of the website designing. They make your website looks attractive and beautiful. But these images when uploaded to a website, carries lots of meta data which increase the image's size and results in increment in load time of the website. It doesn't mean that we should not post images in our website. We can use various image optimization tools available out there that will remove that extra bytes without losing the image quality.

Remove Extra Plugins :
WordPress provides plethora of plugins and themes; hundreds (if not thousands) of plugins are available out there many of whom are free to download while some other are premium. Users are tempted to download various themes and plugins in-spite of the fact that installing more plugins increases load on the web page which in results leads to slow speed of website. So it is better to download only required plugins and make sure to remove unwanted ones.

Regular Clean up the Database :
Most generic yet unnoticed thing. The most common mistake made by WordPress users is they do not moderate the data properly. Increase of unwanted things in database like unapproved comments, unused tags, spam comments etc. leads to increase in load time. So to improve the load time of your WordPress site, it is better to clean up and optimize your database regularly.

In the end :
Hope the above mentioned tips will help you get a fast loading WordPress website. However, some plugins are also available to make your WordPress website faster in browsers. To be more precise, plugin like WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache can be installed to increase the efficiency of your WordPress website by improving its load time.

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