Tips to Acquire more Real estate & Trust Litigation Clients

  Joanna Suter    March 19, 2020    721


Legal marketing is a tedious chore, and most of the lawyers may not have any experience in real estate. It’s the fact that clients will pay no attention to you or be looking for you unless they require your services.

Tips to Acquire More Real Estate & Trust Litigation Clients

1. Optimizing Webpages For Real Estate & Trust Litigation Law Firms

          Organic results are something that you can rank your real estate and trust litigation pages on the first page of Google. Organic results are displayed after the ads and map listings and believe me, and you will see life-changing results to your website. It’s competitive, but it can be possible through investing your money, energy, and time.

2. Local Map Results

Let’s say you are searching for any keyword related to lawyers. You can check out organic results listed just below the map listings. You will be able to search for two to five keyword as a whole.

3. PPC

Most people get confused about what to choose between SEO and PPC. If you are doing SEO for your real estate and trust litigation site for more than six months and still not getting any results, then you should try out PPC. You should start focussing on Ads when SEO is not giving results for your keyword. PPC, even though expensive, it offers higher ROI (Return on Investment) if you are doing it in the right way.

4. Online Directories

Many people fail to focus on online directories as they think they are already in Google. It’s good to showcase yourself at all the places where your potential clients are in search of you. There are high chances for the prospects who are looking for a real estate, and trust litigation lawyer will check in the directory, and therefore this is an extra exposure.

5. Good Performing Sites

If you have an average website in the real estate and trust litigation niche, you can expect only 2% of the clients who visit your website to contact you directly.  This is where you should make sure the amount you spend on marketing involves a higher performance website as the priority. A good performing site is something that will benefit you.

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